Rottnest Land based

Hi all,

I just had my first taste of fishing land based at Rotto.

Caught about 3 tailors and 1 herring, of size, Northern Beaches.

Has anyone fish out near West End? and Fishing the round tip between Eagle bay and Mabel Cove and Marjorie Bay due to the South easterly winds?

Do I need to bring a gaff? Especially for West End, what type of PFD do you recommend? Is it best to get from BCF? I am open to other suggestions for PFD.

Are we allowed to use rope ourselves to an attachement near the rocks? Wished there were some thing in place such as the salmon holes.


Regarding setup, I have a Pirate Lateo Surf Rod -15-20kg, rating 15kg braid with fluoro 20kg leader on Sustain 5000. Is that overkill or needs tweaking?

For those hunting YTKs or Samson, what type of containment unit do you use? is a Bucket Sufficient or a trolley?

Be using Daiwa Stickbaits for the occasion.

Thank you.


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 How did u go mate? 

Tue, 2017-05-02 16:19

 How did u go mate?



one day a mulloway! 

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