Samson fish land based metro

 Hey guys been chasing land based Samson fish for a year on and off but seriously for about 5 months putting in 2 sessions at least a week.

I've seen Samson fish twice in different two locations but I'm really struggling to get a take. I've been trying stickbaits live baits etc etc no luck. I invested in a throw net to try get a live mullet but they seem to have disappeared.

Not after spots or hardcore secret just a push in the right direction would be highly greatful as I know landing themselves going to be tough but hooking ones becoming hard enough.


Thanks guys

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 Burley up like your life

Sun, 2017-05-21 22:02

 Burley up like your life depends on it, then live baits under a balloon.

IMO sambos are opportunistic/lazy fish so if you put a docile live bait (e.g. a wrasse) next to a very active one ( skippy), they will almost always go for the wrasse. Having a variety of baits always helps.


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I dont target them at all but I think ive heard

Mon, 2017-05-22 15:10

that there are plenty in hillarys marina and also possibly Mindarie marina might be good to have a look in hillarys first

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 Thanks guys heading out

Mon, 2017-05-22 20:26

 Thanks guys heading out tomorrow for another session all day. Think keys to get live mullet Struggling to get them though. I've got plenty of burley I'll try again tomorrow..

The marinas nor are where I'm targeting I know there in freo traffic bridge, freo harbour, Hillary's, ocean reef, mindarie and two rocks I've hooked one in one location tried another more spacious spot now and finally seen another. 

Thanks for the help guys