For sale: Driving lights

Hi all.


Doing a shed cleanout and found 2 sets of Narva driving lights i have no use for.  Both are brand new and unused in boxes (but the boxes are a little worse for wear).  Not even sure if anyone uses these sorts of lights anymore, but let's see.


Narva Ultima 225 halogen - P/N 71700BE - $200 - Note, I have an original Osram 35W HID kit removed from an Ultima 225 HID setup that will be included, which is a strighforward replacement.

Narva Extreme HID 50W - P/N 71762HID - $400 - Note, this doesn't come with a harness from factory, but i have a used Narva one - P/N 74402 - that i can include for an additional $50.


Bit of a story behind these, had Ultima 225 HIDs on my old Hilux, but the case was starting to show signs of extensive sun damage, so i bought the halogen set with the intent of swapping over the HID modules.  Before i got a chance to change them over, the car was involved in a minor collision which damaged the lights, but nothing else, so i got the Narva Extremes as a replacement through insurance, and the panel shop let me take the HID modules from the Ultimas because they were just going to turf the units.  I bought a new car before putting the lights back on.