Salt Water Fly Kits

Hi Guys,


Could anyone offer some advice in regards to getting a salt water fly tying kit.




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By kit do you mean tools or

Mon, 2009-07-27 15:24

By kit do you mean tools or materials or both? Might make more sense to individually pick stuff depending on what you want to tie?

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Both. I assumed individual

Mon, 2009-07-27 15:27


I assumed individual materials would be the go.

A begineers kit would be fine as me and the young fella want to have a bash at it.

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I considered buying a tool

Mon, 2009-07-27 15:38

I considered buying a tool kit, but I just ended up buying them individually. Just a good pair of trimming scissors and a good quality ceramic bobbin hold atm. Need a vise (just borrowing one), but apart from that I dont think i've needed any of the other tools in the kits. Depends what you want to tie I guess.

If you talk to Chris at Flyworld, he should be able to help you out with what you need. Many a time i've gone in for something I want, then left with something else that was what I actually needed (which is a very good thing!).

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We are so lucky in this day

Mon, 2009-07-27 21:14

We are so lucky in this day and age. We have access via the internet to some awesome training guides. You have a Barramundi in your avatar so have a look at this and others in the same page. The Clouser minnows is one of the most useful flies so its a good start. It can be a little harder to cast because of its weighted nature. Next would be to tie a Lefties Deceiver

Good idea to get a Vice, Scissors, bobbin holder then materials to suit these flies which you will use as a start.


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