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I just bought a feltys suspender crab fly and on the packet it says to go to the website for set up instructions but the site doesn't seem to be working. does anyone know how to set up and use these flys? thanx.


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Suspender Crab Rig

Thu, 2009-07-09 11:03

Webby, Felty's suspender crab is designed to have a weight added to the leader above the fly as the crab itself is neutral buoyancy. The distance you set the weight from the fly will determine how far it suspends off the bottom, and the amount of weight you use is relative to the sink rate you want.

A small ball or barrel of tungsten putty instead of a sinker is a better option though for a couple of reasons; It's still quick and easy to adjust the position and amount of weight, but if you're fishing it over broken ground or reef the weight will de-snag easily and best of all if you hit your rod tip with it you won't 'clouser' your rod. Cheers Gav. 

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Wed, 2009-07-08 15:05

Are you thinking of Bluebone on Fly?? Gona need a grunt stick fly rod IMO, perhaps a broom might do the job. LOL. But seriously is that what you are targetting or what. I only use "Normal" fish pattern flys but would be more than interested.

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  Thanks Gav, yeah it came

Wed, 2009-07-08 22:06

  Thanks Gav, yeah it came with a small sinker and a few peices of what looks like a lacky band cut up so i was a bit confused. Neels, I have already caught a small blue bone on fly and yeah i was thinking about giving it a go for a slightly bigger one. Nothing huge tho because i know how they can pull. However at $4 dollars a fly im not too worried about getting stiched up. It would be fun for the few seconds i was connected. I have also read that they are good for permit and mahwong etc. so ill just flick it around a see what i can get. My new reel arrived yesterday so i might take a treck up the burrup and have a throw.  


I live with fear every day... sometimes she lets me go fishing.

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No worries Webby, the pieces

Thu, 2009-07-09 13:04

No worries Webby, the pieces of lacky band are to jam in the hole of the sinker to secure it in place and make it easily adjustable.

Mike 'Felty' Felton tied the fly originally for Permit, but yeah Bluebone, Goldens, Emporers, Morwong and anything else you can throw it at that eats crustaceans should eat it as well. Cheers Gav.