Saltwater flyfishing

Hi all. After the first outing in the boat around Damoier very quickly realized the fly would be fantastic. Problem is all my SW flys are aimed at southern fish. I have crazy charlies, surf candies, clousers and a few odds and sods. Anyone specificaaly that would be good for the Pilbara anyone can recommend. I think the little GTs and Queenies would be awesome on fly.

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I'm just starting to get

Mon, 2009-03-23 13:18

I'm just starting to get into SW flyfishing myself, but from what i've heard, those flies are still recommended for up north so I wouldnt completely discount them. Guess it depends what sizes you have. Got any large deceivers?

Out of interest, what weight are you using and what kind of line?



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Mon, 2009-03-23 14:42


Mate I started under the new Mandurah bridge with an 8wt, weight forward sink tip. Can even remember the rod but the reel is an Okuma Integrity. I got smoked and bought a 10 wt with another Integrity and then in NZ bought a cheap 6wt (and never used it)

I have some lefties deceivers, Ill give them a go.

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