sambo season?

Hi guys not getting over there this year after making the trip for the past 2 seasons. Giving it a break after the sharks have been causing too many broken hearts!

just curious to know if the season has started well? are the sharks still causing grief?!

hope to get back over there within the next couple seasons

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sambos -

Mon, 2011-11-14 11:36

We've been out there recently and the sharks have been nailing some of our fish but periodically we've had a good run and landed sambos/ambos/skippy.

The aggregation numbers will increase over the next few months and the Derwent been the better wreck lately ie action and not as bad with shark issues.


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 yesterday, went out with

Mon, 2011-11-14 16:27

 yesterday, went out with craig mate. cleened up. got my pb sambo on pe3. got some ytk's and a couple ambers as well. awesome day out and didnt go past the 90's. no sharks at all. went again 2day, it was a bit quiet. the boys got some good ytk's and i christened my new "avet" overhead on a 40-50lb sambo. 8inch zmans on 4oz jigheads were the destroyers for me. but the guys yesterday were going good with the 11inch mccarthys. mite b a vid up soon of me fighting my monster from yesterday. yewwwwwwwwwwww