Shark smart trackers

 News shows today highlighted that there are 250 taged great whites off the coast of WA. Looking at ghe sharksmart today I see 4 sharks being identified being tracked and not 1 of them a white. Where are the 250 whites, system really works well. There are 30 real time tracking systems set up from Perth to Albany. Maybe the sharks are smart enough to swim further 400 meters of these trackers or maybe the trackers are not working. Such a great system to build future reports on.


Tom M

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Mon, 2018-04-16 09:51

 whites are highly migratory, good chance the tagged sharks are no where near wa. 


 My spots are so secret even the fish don't know about them !

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 I posted this hours befor

Tue, 2018-04-17 07:24

 I posted this hours befor the first attack yesterday. Was not surprised then want be surprised when the next one occurs. Governemnt is just producing facts and figures to appeal to voters nothing they can do now that would convince me it is safe to go back into the water.


Tom M