Sidescan/downscan Axiom pro shots

 I'm up at Exmouth atm, for the Billfish Bonanza. Things have been pretty windy, anthough we got reasonable lulls on Monday and tuesday. Blew all day yesterday, and today doesn't look much better. Anyway, on the way home Tuesday,  I drove over the new artificial reef just north of the marina, to try out the sidescan.I only spent a couple of minutes there, and this is the result. Theupper two shotsare the big steel structures, and the lower one, just the concrete pyramids. Depths are in fathoms, so its about 18 metres deep. You can see on the first shot how i've gone more or less dead centre over one, and the next one down, how i've almost missed it, not really showing on the RH side, mainly just the fish around it.



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Cool Shots

Sat, 2018-10-27 17:11

Thanks for posting 

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I've been using this more

Tue, 2019-01-29 19:49

 Starting to really like it. The apparent amount of detail is quite staggering. I haven't used it past 14 fathoms( 25.6 metres) yet. The first shot below is where i deliberately clipped the very end of the 14f ridge out off the Blueholes at Kalbarri. I had the exact south end marked, approached from the west, so you can see the actual ledge on the south end, my starboard side, on the right. 



I find this one just great. i was driving along the top of the 12 f edge up past Baldface, in 10 fathoms, heading north. Now, the bottom there on top is pretty bare, but there is a strip of ground that runs along the drop off, this is where we would set pots. You can see the actual ledge really clearly on the left hand side. This last one is just really rugged bottom a fair way north.

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Another one from the other day.

Wed, 2019-02-06 10:25

 There is a gutter in close here where you can pull some good crays. Approaching it from the seaward side, it is just flat rock covered in kelp. It drops sheer with a good ledge under, then just slopes up to the actual break at the edge. Classic inside edge, and you have to nail it to get crays. Drop on top,get little, drop too far in, also get little. The below shot is me driving south along it, so the ledge is on the left. 



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Like 3rd one up on

Wed, 2019-02-06 10:52

Right. Would have thought low lying long ledge. Top clarity all nice readings.

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B175M and sidescan today

Sun, 2019-04-14 15:08

 Using the sidescan/downscan more now, particularly in shallower water. The shot below is driving along on top of the edge with the drop on your left. 



Went back over to the conventional chirp for the deeper water, found a really solid aggregation and anchored on it. Pulled the hooks on two solid fish, then one pinky after another, all just around size, but we already had two better sized ones from earlier, so they all went back. We persisted with sifting through them, as there appeared to be better fish there, and were rewarded with a baldie and a dhu. Had our quota, so we pulled the pick and left them biting.

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Many thanks for the pics

Sun, 2019-04-14 19:49

New technology I find absolutely amazing, the images that are portrayed on the screens of sounders in this day and age are breath taking I don’t have a good grasp  on what I’m looking at with the side scan images but what I do understand of it is amazing 

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 i wish i could get my

Sun, 2019-04-14 19:55

 i wish i could get my sounder lit up like that. spose you gotta get the fish under you first. 

starting to get used to my axiom . just getting the gain right helps . 


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