Sidescan/downscan Axiom pro shots

 I'm up at Exmouth atm, for the Billfish Bonanza. Things have been pretty windy, anthough we got reasonable lulls on Monday and tuesday. Blew all day yesterday, and today doesn't look much better. Anyway, on the way home Tuesday,  I drove over the new artificial reef just north of the marina, to try out the sidescan.I only spent a couple of minutes there, and this is the result. Theupper two shotsare the big steel structures, and the lower one, just the concrete pyramids. Depths are in fathoms, so its about 18 metres deep. You can see on the first shot how i've gone more or less dead centre over one, and the next one down, how i've almost missed it, not really showing on the RH side, mainly just the fish around it.



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