So I've been fishing..

Hey all,


So did some reading etc since first joining this forum (haven't posted much but am a mega lurker) and got what I think is a pretty good mixed bag of goodies to satisfy my fishlust. HOWEVER.. I couldn't catch a fish if there was a school 5m from me on the shore (more on THAT story in a little).


Went out with my mate and had a play on ammo jetty, pulled juvy trumpeter (i think) and some slimy's, couple of blowies etc.. mate pulled up a baby pink snapper!. Come xmas and went down sth with family (binningup) and was bustin to get my fish on.. WELL.. head out 0500 one morning was utterly sensational weather, soft gentle (low tide) sea.. couple down the beach pulled a couple whiting and mostly blowies.. I burley'd up had a good slick going and started playing with my 10g halco twisty (had no real bait).. blowies wouldn't even touch that (one did eventually.. maybe his mates dared him lol). Dolphins where having a play 20-30m off shore which was nice to watch but otherwise no action. Tried fishing the beach in the evening/night to chaise tailor and what a mistake that was.. pounding surf tide was huge wind howling and me again getting nothing except a lost rig on weed/rock.

Which has led me to the conclusion that i have utterly no f...n idea what the hell I'm doing. Am doing lots of research and have only just learnt a basic single dropper paternoster rig but still have heaps to learn and would love it if someone could point me in a direction of where I can pull some fish from. As mentioned before I fish for all so salt and fresh but am more prone to salt (beach/jetty etc) oh and squid.. mad on squid.. and all landbased.

I'm on holidays now for another 2 weeks and wifey has given me a green light to fish my head off so am eager to head out with anyone anywhere (will put in for fuel/piss) so I can learn hands-on.

Could anyone tell me what months are best for what and where?.. hear people all the time saying if the X are running.. do they run seasonally or kinda all year round.. sucks throwing lines in again say for tailor or mully's (the 2 species i'm most keen on) when there's none within 20km any whichway.

Now.. the afore mentioned story - Was fishing yesterday nearish buffulo beach about maybe 2-3km from binningup. and we notice a school of atleast 30-50 fish all crammed within 20sqm of each other flopping all over each other and whatnot travelling towards perth within 5-15m of the shore. One fella ID'd as tailor but we're not sure.. looked too brown, maybe salmon.. again not sure and all atleast 30cm MINIMUM.. few blokes threw fresh baits at them but nothing... i chased them with my halco twisty and retrieved into them and nothing.. they wouldn't even look at anything anyone did. I'm thinking maybe they where breeding or something as they just kept on swimming ignoring everything else. Have never seen it before and in hindsight wished I had filmed it.


So after that wall-of-text the TL:DR is still need help on where and when to go, even better if I could tag along with someone experienced and learn, am land based but keen and will chuck in petty and beer money. Thanks again for all the awesome help from the community so far - am absorbing colin's beginners rig post at the moment.


Thanks again and tight lines!


PS.. think i got a bum steer in a tackle shop. Was talking with one of the blokes there about my tailor fetish and how shiny metals are meant to get em on (supposedly) was gonna buy a 30-50g twisty but he reckon'd there only good till the sticker wears off and instead sold me some heavy ass dimpled spoon? lure.. thing feels 50-60g and bends my surf rod tip about 3 inch when rigged but i can boot it out about 50m. Probably more once i fix my cast technique as I feel I can get better distance but my rigs seem to lollipop a lot (high arc but not a lot of actual distance). He said lure can be worked on a fast retrieve for surface run or let it sink a bit and work the middle.. but the weight of this thing has it on the sea floor when cast out to what I think at BEST might be 8-15m of water within mere seconds. Thing cost me 10 buck so lesson learnt but if anyone more experienced can let me know if it was a bum steer atleast I can avoid him next time as the shop itself is good.


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Those fish sound like buff

Fri, 2012-12-28 18:56

Those fish sound like buff bream mate, probably grazing on seaweed and what not.


Better luck next time mate

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don't worry about it

Sun, 2012-12-30 18:34

Took me about 6 months persistent fishing, trying different spots, rigs and baits until I landed my first decent fish.


....nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana FISHING!