Sonos wi-fi speakers at home

 Crew i've posted here before about this topic when Pandora was shut down, its got to the point now that paying for spotify gives me the shits....


Anyone else out there running Sonos at home and have a good setup without having to pay the likes of Spotify?

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 Yes mate, I have it and I

Wed, 2018-10-10 10:02

 Yes mate, I have it and I think I mentioned that Pandora shutdown also annoyed me.

I'm still enjoying my tunes but it takes more work. Bare with me and I'll explain...

I have around 100 Gb of music which I organise with Itunes and the storage location is a 4 bay NAS drive so it is always accessable to my network. Sonos has the ability to access the music library and also import Itunes play lists. The itunes play lists are quite good because it can create smart play lists that update.

So I often play from my old school IPod (160 GB) though a standard set of powered speakers when working in my shed and sometimes I play the entire collection on random. With that much music data collected over the years, I haven't even listened to it all and when I like something I go to the ipod and give the song a star rating. 

Now you have to syncronise the Ipod accasionally to update the star ratings in the NAS but then you start to get some classification in your collection. You then create smart play lists in Itunes and tell it to add all songs over a certain star rating. You also have to tell sonos to update the library occasionally as well to update the imported Itunes play lists. It also helps to classify the music into Genres as well and not have too many because you can ask Sonos to play all of a genre at random as well.

Like I said, it takes some work and you need music data. I'm happy to share my data if you want it.

The hardest part I've found over the years when getting music from  others is avoiding duplicates and poorly organised and classified genres in other collections.



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What are you wanting to do

Wed, 2018-10-10 12:26

What are you wanting to do Boon? Stream music from an existing device or from a streaming service?


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 ive got the same problem i

Wed, 2018-10-10 14:43

 ive got the same problem i just plug it into my phone and play youtube get a few adds that shit me but its easy 

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Wed, 2018-10-10 17:08

Try stingray music. 


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So what ya do is find a mate

Wed, 2018-10-10 18:53

So what ya do is find a mate with Spotify premium family, get them to sign in and then never sign out hahaha

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 Haha thats awsome Vinesh,

Thu, 2018-10-11 07:26

 Haha thats awsome Vinesh, can you send your mate to my place.....


Cheers Grun for the detailed reply.....


I have a shitload of very well organised music from my time working offshore, i've also got a shitload more very unorganised but i kept a folder clean as i could with no duplicates and only full albums...


What is this NAS drive?


Also i dont generally use anything Apple, I guess you can run Itunes without fully going down the apple road though?


Jack - I'd like access to music online to be able to say put on like Johnny Cash Radio and then let it play all things similar to Johnny Cash, its a great way to learn new tunes but the amount i actually use it i doesnt seem worthh the $150 a year to do so....


$150 isnt much but add it to Netflix, Foxtel etc etc etc and there always seems to be coin bleeding.....

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I have a huge music

Thu, 2018-10-11 07:44

I have a huge music collection and generally play an album or create playlists for bands that don't have overly strong albums. I play this through  my phone into my Denon AV receiver via Google Chromecast

The Mrs mostly tunes into internet radio and you can search for specific themes or bands and when a song you like comes on you can use  the Soundhound app to identify it for later reference. Bit of a work around but it's free.


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 Yeah the trouble with Sonos

Thu, 2018-10-11 10:25

 Yeah the trouble with Sonos is its not bluetooth per se.....


Has to go through the Sonos app