sounder dilemma old vs new lowrance - 200htz

 wanted a few peoples opinions with the capabilities between  lcx37c and a newer hd 7 inch model


i want to use bothe, one for navigation and one for a sounder, prefere to use the old one as the sounder and the new as nav


if i got a p66 on the old lowrance would i be getting the same results as the p66 on the newer hd model. i would be running 200hz either way with the p66


im a bit lost as the hd sounder i own has all the spots saved and the nav card etc. older one came with my new boat 


or get the p66 for bothe?


appreciate any info on the matter


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 I had a LCX37, shit itself

Mon, 2017-11-20 18:14

 I had a LCX37, shit itself and replaced it with an HDS8.

Politely, they are both shit sounders, difficult and clumsy to adjust tune and setup.

Unless you choose to use it in auto
I use a Furuno for the real work and the Lowrance as a plotter


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i agree

Mon, 2017-11-20 18:42

 they are deffenetely crappy for reading bottom compared to other brands iv seen

im stuck with these bothe for now unfortunately. do you think the lcx has the same capabilities as the hds7? 

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Like Rob I run a Furuno with

Mon, 2017-11-20 19:19

Like Rob I run a Furuno with a HDS7 in my boat but I link them with a Markfish and it is the duck's nuts as far as setups go. I use the HDS7 on its own in my dinghy really only as a depth sounder and I'd never buy one for my primary sounder in a boat for the same reasons Rob mentioned above.

I just upgraded my HDS7 from a Gen 2 non touch to a Gen 3 and the touchscreen really has made my life a shittonne easier when navigating around and the GPS is way more accurate and silky smooth. I suggest trying them both out to see if there's any difference in the sounder capabilities with a view to using the HDS as your plotter if there's no real difference.


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Mon, 2017-11-20 19:55

 Easy to transfer waypoints between the two. You would not be able to use your old navionics card in a new HDS as they use the smaller card.