Sounder shots

 Couple of interesting sounder shots from wide yesterday. We didn't manage anything for this so not really sure what it was, although I think I'm seeing individual large fish amongst it.

We managed to get a bait down through it as you can see in the secound shot but we were set up for bottom bouncing and I think this probably needed some gigs...

What do you blokes think this is??

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Sun, 2018-01-14 10:14

 Looks like bait to me. When I used the raymarine gear schools of fish from hardyheads to skippy would look like this. In your second pic you can see how the bubbles on your bait/sinker going down show up as blue/green so compare this to the majority of fish around it. The darker blotches are denser concentrations of those fish.

I found fiddling with the Intensity/Colourgain stopped me getting too excited by large bait shows.

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Sun, 2018-01-14 17:43

 Which transducer were you using ?

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 This is the PM265LM on

Sun, 2018-01-14 18:19

 This is the PM265LM on Medium Chirp