Sounder/transducer setup

Hi guys, wondering if I could get some opinions.

have a new boat arriving soon and have done a bit of research and am looking at fitting it with. Lowrance live HD’s 12, and having a 1kw TN260 and active 3 in 1 transducer.

most of my fishing will be bottom bouncing in up to 100m, but want the opportunity to do deeper drops when up at Exmouth, or when we get some really nice days. 

Any opinions between the Simrad ns evo 3 or the lowrance live HD’s? From what I understand the lowrance is a newer model, maybe not as powerful processor, and both have vessel view for the mercury 4 stroke.

anyone used this transducer setup? I have done a lot of reading and this seems to me to get a good balance, but I have found it quite mind biloggling sorting through the info.

any advice or experiences greatly appreciated!!