Splice loops in solid braid 100% knot strength.

Lifted from Paulus VG's Just Fishing site, some info on splicing solid braids for end loops.

If you're unfamiliar with the site, its worth checking it out. He tests lines strengths and knots and its always good to see how a line you're intending to buy tests before purchase, ie; don't buy whiplash.

Hey Guys

This is a follow up on the post did on splices in solid braid as a join. I used Tasline 8 strand 0.545mm abs of 137lb. Thin and very strong.

Only a hand full of loops are available for solid braids.

Surgeons end loop.
Bimini twist.
Ausie plait
Maybe we can add to this, i am sure.

Well we now have a Spliced loop for solid braid.

This all started with quoted knot strengths in braid stated at 60%, and I struggled to find this 60%, although the Bimini did well, its not 100%, nothing ever will be.

From tests done in the past by myself, the bs test results on both the Bimini and the Plait i have seen as being Dependant on the type of line being used and the tier, as the loops bs test results do vary from knot to knot.
I am most likely an average knot tier, and like most of us try to do my best.

I know that you can say more turns but on lines in the 50lb bs range, around 50 turns pretty much pulls them up, they are not 100%, some very good results can be achieved, and don't say go to hollow, most lower bs hollows in this bs area are solid anyway.

Because of all the testing I am doing, and the controversy of loops in hollow core braid, loops used for testing verses loops for fishing, are very different, I have had to perfect the method of loops and holding the braided line on the bollards, loops not only for hollow core, but also solid braids as they also came into play, putting loops in solid braids as thin as 4lb and only 3 strands 0.147mm, had put me on another coarse of trials and investigation.

I suppose that has led me to this point.

Strong loops can also be made in solid Braids similar to a bimini twist. Although I think that the worst bimini tier will be able to make a better spliced loop and get better bs results on a regular basis.

A little additional inside information.

Some results.
A bimini in a 137lb 8 strand solid braided line gave me 121.9lb.

Both these loops gave good results.

The tag on the inside and then locked with a 8 turn Uni I got 121.7lb.
With the tag all the way inside gave me 126.2 lb, had i teased out 15mm and tapered the tag end i could have got better.

With the tag on the outside then with it tucked in, i got 122.1lb. had the tag been feathered out 15mm and tapered, the result may have been higher.
With the tag on the outside then the 8 turn Uni lock knot, it tested at 113.4lb, which i thought was a little low.
I increased the stitch count to 60 and the length to 240 it tested at 134.7lb that is 97.6%.
Re tried the 78 lb line tested at 78.4lb broke the mainline, so i guess thats 100%

Although the tag on the inside is easier to do, and it saves time, it seems the latter gave a better result.

I imagine that with longer / more stitches, you would get even higher results.

As you can see these should not to be done on a boat, are strictly done at home in front of the fire.

I am still playing with all this so the results may get even better.


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Hi GuysI see this popped up,

Mon, 2011-05-02 18:16

Hi Guys

I see this popped up, the information is all an ongoing series of posts.

Splices in solid braids 100% strong, so foget the double uni.

How strong is your braid after it's been used, maybe not that strong.

Line Tests.

Braid buyers guide.

Its hard keeping up with all this information as it spreads across the web, I do update this information on a regular basis, but cannot chase it across the web.


Most of the testing I am doing has never been done, so every one is welcome.



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When braids involved, the

Mon, 2011-05-02 18:37

When braids involved, the double uni is long forgotten ;)

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Not for me...

Mon, 2011-05-02 19:43

I still use mine everyday. Although only for the light stuff, I got no problem with my knot and its easy to tie, and I can tie it in the dark.




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Hi Paulus, cheers for the

Mon, 2011-05-02 18:56

Hi Paulus, cheers for the hard work!