Fixed trim/tilt this morn . I was going to buy whole unit ( apparently was only going to be $225 dollars) 1 week later it was $460 dollars. When it came in ( fuck that) set of bushes $42 dollars done . I think they where well and truly worn out ( works mint now) hooked boat up ,Went for quick run in safety bay . Heaps around .

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 Handy when you have a little

Fri, 2022-05-20 08:22

 Handy when you have a little bit of mechanical knowledge. I recall when it cost $30 odd dollars to service a car and laughed at the mechanic when he said in the next 10 years it will cost $300 to service these new cars. 

Top catch of squid.


Tom M

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 Took a boat in for the motor

Sat, 2022-05-21 09:04

 Took a boat in for the motor services, 60 evenrude. Decided to go for a yammy 4 stroke, bought outright, no trade picked up the boat, and asked where is the old motor, I have sold it.  Bloke says he didn't think I wanted it anymore, he stripped it for parts,  he had only sold the starter motor, so I got the outboard back without the starter. I had sold it for 1800 dollars, but had to get a new starter motor.

What do you think a starter motor for a sixty hp evenrude cost? 

600 dollars. Couldn't get a second hand unit.  

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 I'd be making the mechanic

Mon, 2022-05-23 10:24

 I'd be making the mechanic pay for it who just thinks he can start stripping your outboard without asking you

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 Your starter motor was

Thu, 2022-05-26 08:04

 Your starter motor was stolen, Get whoever stole it to replace it at their cost.

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Far out

Mon, 2022-05-23 18:19

A bit rough. Bugger that