Sspicoulsy low engine Hours

 Looking at a second hand boat, but it only has 50 hours after 12 years.


Who does that !!?? 


Is there anyway to dodgy the hour meter, or check that one has not been replaced etc ?


Yammy F50.

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Best way

Thu, 2017-11-09 06:56

 Is to take it for  test drive and bring a motor mechanic with you


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was the boat and motor bought

Thu, 2017-11-09 12:19

was the boat and motor bought at same time ?? or is the motor an upgrade in the last few years ??onto an older hull ??

cant answer the ''can you dodge the hour meter ''question , but if it is the real hours at only 50 after 12 years thats a hell of alot of time just sitting , and ime that is just as bad for an engine as good steady usage

at just on 4+ hours use a year ?? how does it look cover off ?? and has it been one owner , garaged or open storage etc ?? service history ?? who sold it ?? can you talk with the dealer ?? id be getting a mechanic to check it over as a matter of course



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I would be cautious

Thu, 2017-11-09 07:52

Exactly as hezzy said. All liquids do change and do thing if allowed to just sit there, so not flowing through the engine much would make me cautious.
But ask the question about the engine age, not the boat age.


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 If it’s a carby motor you

Thu, 2017-11-09 07:53

 If it’s a carby motor you can’t computer check for hrs, my yamaha is 12 yrs old 

and can only go by gauge.

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get it checked

Thu, 2017-11-09 08:15

 A while back had my eye on a 5m 1998 Quintrex with a 1998 60HP 2 stroke Johnson,  It looked great, and you could see it had been garaged as the seller said, went and had a look, and was in great condition, had the motor checked out by a outboard mechanic, he pulled the leg off checked the seals, etc.did a compression test and confirmed that it was in good condition, the upshot is that I bought the boat, the motor has never let me down, starts first time, smokes a bit on cold start, which I have got used to, (always had 4 strokes) I recommend you get it checked out before you buy it, Perth boat mechanics is the guy I use, and am very pleased with him, he is mobile too.

Hope this helps. Mal.

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Depends on model of motor

Thu, 2017-11-09 10:33

If it is only 12yo, likely  you can get a readout of everything, including % of time spent in different RPM bands, unless it is an older style 2 stroke which was till being sold in 2005.

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 If its a EFI, it is near

Thu, 2017-11-09 12:05

 If its a EFI, it is near impossible to bodge the hrs on the ECU without replacing it altogether.
If its an old carby outboard the gauge hours mean nothing.

Just check it over properly especially cold starts and full power running.


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Thu, 2017-11-09 16:54

 Yeah, its an EFI, getting a mechanic to check it out.

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Thu, 2017-11-09 20:18

 My clock on dash has 1450 hours on it but mech put it on comp and came up with 375. Might have had some internal work done at some point.


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 Yeah the  hour meter runs 

Thu, 2017-11-09 20:45

 Yeah the  hour meter runs  when you have to key on.the ecu readout only counts engine operation  hours..

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As has been alluded to by others

Sun, 2017-11-12 23:45

Get a good outboard mechanic to check out the motor, if he gives it the thumbs up you have got a good motor, I'am cognisant that lubrication fluids can "go off" just by sitting for long periods so it would be a good move to change out all fluids if you buy it just as a matter of course and the satisfaction of knowing all is good with the lub systems and seals

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 My hour meter was exactly

Sun, 2017-11-12 09:59

 My hour meter was exactly stuck on 100hrs when I bought the boat, the previous own said 100 was aprox right and he'd just had it serviced. When I finally got it serviced and with over estimating my hour I'd done to aprox 150hrs (Wouldn't have done that many) the reading should be aprox 250 hrs total, well it was 440. So previous owner was at least 190 plus hours wrong on what he told me, maybe even more. Also one of the plugs had been cross threaded when put in.Just some of the problems that can occur buying 2nd hand, besides these issues the motor has performed  faultless.