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thinkin about tryin a halco roosta popper for fishing from shore around mandurah! would the 105 or 135 size be best? i'm mainly targetting tailor or the odd salmon that comes along if i'm lucky :) thanks 

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Either one...

Sat, 2010-05-08 08:06

...although with the 135 you get more weight and therefore more casting distance. Interestingly, the 105mm has a shallower "cup" on the face than either the 80 or 135, so the "bloop" isn't as impressive. In case you didn't know, they are a "blooping" popper, where you pull the rod back hard, retrieve, and repeat all the way in, as opposed to just winding it straight back.

If you want to release your salmon, the 135 (again) is the better option because these fish tend to inhale lures sometimes and having two sets of trebles down its gob doesn't help it much...or just change over to singles!


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Definatly change over to

Wed, 2010-05-12 21:57

Definatly change over to singles. Might slightly effect the action of the popper, but hook ups should be more solid. And most obviously release will be a hell of alot easier.


I always change my lures over and sometimes use a double hook facing up for 'aussie salmon' as their lower jaw is quite easily ripped.

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With the smaller Tailor

Thu, 2010-05-13 11:20

With the smaller Tailor downsize the popper to the smallest one.  The Salmon will take both the smaller and the larger.

Poppers in the metro tend to work early or late in the day with Tailor where the fish are more conducive to taken stuff off the top, especially pre-dawn.

A smaller popper casts further the thinner the diameter of the line.

With both Salmon and Tailor popper size seems relevant on local beaches. Everywhere else things appear less relevant.

Theres still some of the non-resident larger salmon on local beaches.  All reports from anglers have been on bait.  Some later at night on bait.  One fellow had come across a fellow catching Tailor and Salmon in the same spot.

The metro beach Salmon have been caught in small numbers.  Some of the larger schools have been hard and fast inshore coming and going in less than 30 minutes as reported by Surf Life Savers and beach council workers.

Thats storm last night may have confused a few in shore.  Theres plenty of fellows catching Salmon inshore on bait they just arent saying much in public.

Try a 35 gram Gold Twistie as well down your way.   Theres plenty of other coastal spots better than the cut for Salmon fishing.  The big ones seem to be very on the move unless further offshore.


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Try surf poppers, i got a

Sat, 2010-08-14 19:23

Try surf poppers, i got a set from rangers and i will say they work, first trip with them we were catching whiting on our paternosters, and we had a surf popper ontop, and a 5 kg salmon nailed it. They work. With Roosta's, the 105 is the better size IMO and you really want the pillchard colour (blue ontop, white/silver belly), work a treat on tailor of all sizes. Yeah i'd go down to a single hook aswel


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