Swan river bull sharks

 Has anyone had any luck with bullsharks recently? Caught this one over summer. Was targeting mulloway but this was a nice by-catch


Mulloway mentality

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I wonder if he has a big brother somewere

Sat, 2018-05-19 19:29

 I just wonder if he/she has a big brother lurking in the depths of the swan those that go diving for prawns at night have a tone more guts the me and deserve all the prawns that they catch.

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Deep Water Point

Sat, 2018-06-02 16:02

 Hi Meglondon,

admittedly it was about 38 years ago but I was doing some free accent training at night along with some other stuff.One of the team got a good hit in the ribs buit no one- could see what it was so we said Dolphine then the same guy felt a lot of water pressure and just saw a bit of tail,Not a Dolphine


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Beam me up scotty

Sat, 2018-06-02 17:38

That sort of encounter would scare the b jeezus out of me

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Thu, 2018-06-07 08:38

In summer we see them quite often behind the Perth Stadium, Freeway side. Even seen one that was pushing 6ft come right up close to shore at night whilst fishing.

If you're targetting them, that'd be the first place I'd try


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 Not the river but I saw one

Sun, 2018-06-17 01:10

 Not the river but I saw one cruising in 2-3ft in mandurah while I was going for cobbler. Maybe 1.2m length