hey everyone

I'm new to perth and would like to take up fishing here. Back home I was a pike angler(20 years) fishing freshwater venues only. I've never fished in the sea before. So before i start i need to be steered in the right direction as far as tackle goes. rod, reel, line, traces, leeders, hooks. I'll be fishing from the shore somewhere near perth and I'M undecided what to be fishing for. HOPEFULLY SOMETHING BIG!! as afar as money goes I'd like not to break the bank just yet. but at the same time i'm not looking for a fishing combo from big W


thanks in advance for your comments


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Hi irish johnmc

Sun, 2013-03-10 11:48

Welcome to Perth and its surrounds,

As for tackle we can point you in the direction of what you need, what your most likely to target, when to target and where to target it. Feel free to drop past the shop and we can help you out. We are open 7 days a week.




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Sun, 2013-03-10 12:19

 i'll try get in this week