Time for a North West special at Xtreme Coolers

Hi all


It's that time of the year again when many are heading up North during the Perth winter.

We have a few specials to cater for those about to head off to fill the freezers and look for some sun.


1/ The mackerel boxes have been popular this year and the great prices continue.

XT100litre Mackerel

The Mackerel box is designed for pelagic fish such as Mackerel, wahoo, cobia and all tuna varities.


White and Marble. $240.00 save $50.00

Orange. $220.00 save $50.00

For those of you who live in Karratha or Port Hedland the transport cost on the Mackerel box is $42.00. All boxes to this region are transported by Davis Road.


2/ The Evapac matic Cryovac machine.

I have been testing this machine for three years now. Giving it a real thrashing over the years with excellent results. It keeps going and going and does not need to cool down in between uses. It will not let you down and comes with a two year warranty. It is the perfect fillet packaging machine.

The package includes 25 bags and jar lids. $220.00 save $20.00

3/ I have one XT180litre marble box left in stock. New stock in this size is still a few months away.

$280.00 save $40.00

4/ I also have one XTWC 150litre marble box left in stock.

$280.00 save $40.00

5/ I have two XTWC 150litre blue

$260.00 save $40.00

Good discounts on the whole xtreme range are available to FW members at all times. Give Dave a PM, email or contact on 0403978583 with any questions regarding stock and prices.

Thanks again to all who have supported us and we will continue to support the SW site and members.

Enjoy the long weekend.







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