Tohatsu electrical issue

wouldnt be boating if things didnt mess up at xmas
was over a rotto for 2 weeks, day 3 my rib motor which has previously run flawlessly - spluttered and stopped, luckily inshore!
On diagnosis, no spark all three plugs (Tohatsu 50hp 2 stroke), after googling possible fixes, i tried bypassing kill switch, checked fuses, checked for cracked wires - but still no spark on all three plugs -
seems it can only be the CDI unit (ECUish type black box) or the coil exciters under flywheel
anyone had similar experience? - my biggest concern is how it just stopped without warning of any prior symtons - i rang to get a price on a new 4stroke today 11.5k and April...... i miss pre-covid negotiating!


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have you had a look here?

Tue, 2023-01-10 09:50