Two rocks

 Got out early  . 4.30am fishing small Dhu 

and cuttle with a nice sized skippy . Shot 

out another few ks ! Too the Baldie spot 

my mate reckoned .. was right on money 

there . Nice Dhu for me huge Baldie for my

mate . Weighed tad under 5kgs .. another 

two baldies and we were done . Back at ramp

right on 8am .. cheers pirate.

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Great day

Sat, 2024-04-27 12:07

 out then, nice feeds there


all aggressive fish love bigjohnsjigs

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 Nicely done Pirate!! Very

Sat, 2024-04-27 13:14

 Nicely done Pirate!! Very slow day for us with only One Baldy and a Black arse. Did you have problem with current? It was howling up at the Bird, could hardly hold bottom. 


Love the West!

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Nah .

Sat, 2024-04-27 15:43

No current where we were .. pics taking

down .. at request of the skipper ! 
cheers pirate 

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Well done. Great feeds on the

Sat, 2024-04-27 13:29

Well done. Great feeds on the way


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