Two rocks last sunday report

Hi all, havent posted for a while so thought i would put something up. Got to two rocks marina on first light expecting a biq queue due to the great conditions forecast for the day, couldn't believe it only one boat launching and maybe 8 - 10 boat trailers in car park (maybe a few hangovers morning after the eagles win) Went out NW to our usual spots in the 30's - 40's, fish on the sounder and they were biting. First drop and my brother is soon onto something big on metal jig, after a while up comes an 89cm 16kg dhuie( two weeks before he pulled a 17kg dhuie out of the same spot on a soft plastic and I got a couple in the 8 - 10kg range on bait). Next im on to a good fish, called it for a pinky by the way it smashed and grabbed the bait and all the head shakes and up comes my fav eating fish a nice fat baldy went 58cm. A few more drifts with lots of sea sweep smashing the bait and usual king wrasse. Tried a bit more north, got two more duies 65cm and 70cm (returned smaller dhuie) nice breaksea cod (my second fav eating fish) and more undersize dhuies and breaksea. The last few times we've been out we've had descent size bronzies in the range 6 -8 foot hanging around the boat. My mate hooked one deep down and it rocketed straight to the surface behind the boat, smashed around a bit before biting the leader off - gave him a good arm stretch on 80lb braid. The bite pretty much stopped around 11am, we moved around a bit but nothing else much around. Came home in good conditions with 4 good fish and passed a couple of whales cheers for reading! Dave.

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 Photos or it didn’t happen

Wed, 2018-09-26 18:40

 Photos or it didn’t happen Dave

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 Sounds like a good session.

Wed, 2018-09-26 19:15

 Sounds like a good session.


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