Video -Testing the Prowler in a bit of chop

While researching my kayak purchase there was plenty of videos of reviewers in calm water but I would liked to have seen something a bit more challenging.

And while this is nothing too rough at least if anyone else comes across this while doing their own research on the Ocean Kayak Prowler Elite 4.5 they'll get a better idea of how they perform when the wind gets up a bit.

I am stoked with her performance so far. 

I hope to do a full review when I get a few more hours up.

Vid runs for 1:02 mins.







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Plenty of fun in that package.

Sat, 2014-11-01 09:20

 Dont forget the small colour sounder, the 4m plus kayaks are heaps of fun.

i have a Prophecy 135 and have even fished Black Rock at Kal with it.

what video unit are you using?

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Hey Osprey, I checked out the

Sun, 2014-11-02 06:51

Hey Osprey, I checked out the Prophecy 135, a nice looking boat.

I will be checking out the sounder options at some stage but for now I'm happy to just slowly start to make a few small mods to get her sorted how I want.

The Prowler has a dedicated mounting spot for a transducer moulded into the hull but apparently a 'through the hull' transducer mount is possible anyway.

I'm using a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver for video on a home made pole which was essentially free. I need to rig up a few more mounting positions to get a bit of variety.

There are so many accesories available, have been looking at the Railblazer mounting systems - saw this article on 'Blazing' your Prophecy...

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 It goes through the chop

Mon, 2014-11-24 18:02

 It goes through the chop nicely:).