Some advice for my first kayak and possibly a watersnake/motor

Hi everyone,

I've been out fishing with a mate on his kayak and decided i want to get one for myself. 

I am in WA and looking at the Dream Kayaks Dragonfly 3 for just over $400. I have read heaps of great reviews on these and they look pretty good. Does anyone here have one of these that can comment?


Also wondering about a little electric motor. Looking at something under $300 if anyone can give me some ideas on what to look for and what size battery do i need to run?

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For that price

Thu, 2014-10-23 15:58

For that price the kayak looks pretty good with some nice features as well.

A 30lb minkota would be a good size and you can find them on sale from $200 to $280 if you look around.

A 24lb watersnake could be ok and are very light too. Aprox $200

You can get 20ah 0r 35ah battery ( ah = Amp Hours ) for around $100 to $150 from Super charge in Bayswater. They are a pure gel fully sealed battery.

The motor will tell you aprox how many amps per hour it will use.( Eg: 10 amps per hour. then a 20ah battery will give you aprox 2 hours use )

One thing to note,  if you put a motor on the kayak you will have to register it as a boat, so make sure you get a HIN number from the seller to make it easier to register.


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 Thanks for all the info. The

Thu, 2014-10-23 19:09

 Thanks for all the info. The motor will be an after thought if it even happens, but i'll be sure to get the HIN number when i buy it.


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 Had the same thought a while

Fri, 2014-10-24 09:20

 Had the same thought a while ago and bought a yak and built a wooden bracket to strap on the motor. Only major problem is that it only turns one side as the motor is mounted on one side. If you live near curtin uni, can pm me and can come over n check it out the set up. Also if you are interested I've got a ocean kayak pacific angler that I can sell around $450. Also maybe the water snake lecky as I haven't used it for a few years.