Wagoe beach rig! Help!

 Recently spent the week end at Wagoe beach fishing, the swell was sizeable with slight onshore winds. 

Using 12 ft beach rods with your typical tailor rigs, used 100lb leader with 6/0 gangs and big star sinker. 

Snagged up and snapped off 8/10 times, tried about 5 spots straigt off the reef and a spot south where the reef was broken up. 

The water was too dirty to see what sort of bottom we were fishing. Can anyone recommend any different rigs or certain spots?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as if love to head back up there!



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 Hey mate the rig I use up

Tue, 2015-03-31 06:42

 Hey mate the rig I use up there is pretty simple.  Basically a size 10 ball sinker running along about a meter of 60-80lb leader straight to a 6/0 hook. I do loose a few rigs still to snags but it seems to be the best one to use up there. 


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Tue, 2015-03-31 08:43

 Wagoe can be frustrating.. I use pretty much the exact rig you were using. I've lots upwards of 10rigs a day sometimes and then last trip I only lost about 5 for 4days fishing.. Some of the guys I fish with use a cork near the bait and that seems to help a little but I find the best thing is to not move your rig.. Cast out leave it in the same position and bite or no bite as soon as you move the sinker wind like hell to avoid it pulling into rocks.. If all else fails fish the beaches at lucky bay but as I've said if you fish wagoe you will lose rigs and lots of them, just all part of the fun..


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100% agree with what belly88

Tue, 2015-03-31 13:04

100% agree with what belly88 has said.  Losing rigs (lots of them at times) is inevitable. 

When using a paternoster rig, i tie my snapper sinker onto the bottom loop with lighter line.  This way when you're snagged, you sometimes only lose the sinker and not the whole rig.  Keeping the dropper short helps a bit too.

These days i prefer to use a running rig similar to what troopy describes.   Running bean/ball sinker to swivel, leader to gangs.  But using this rig, i dont cast and leave, i'm usually slowly retrieving and working the rig off the bottom.  When there are dirty fighters around, this rig works a lot better because I am in constant contact and not giving the fish time to swim back to their hidey hole. Plus it takes less effort to tie than the paternoster.

Another things to consider:
Premake rigs at home!  I usually make about 20-30 of each and put them in sandwich bags.  
Use other things a sinkers, old mate used big chain links.  Also heard of people using bolts, spark plugs, etc.


Lucky Bay is pretty snagless, or just drive up the road to Kalbarri....!

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as above also spoon sinkers

Thu, 2015-04-23 02:53

as above also spoon sinkers work ok too. the biggest tip i can give you i use circle hooks and a good tough bait like ocky or my favourite mullet fillets you dont want a bait that will be gone in one nibble eg mulies, ive had good succes on snapper there like that