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Hi there,
Going through some old gear the other day, I came across my Abu 7000 overhead. Haven't used this reel for about 15 years, still in excellent condition. Caught a lot of Salmon on the South Coast of the beach, using a 12 footer made for a spinning reel, my knowledge of rods back then not so good. Forward to now, I would like to get this reel back into action and am now looking to team it up with suitable rod in the 11- 13ft range. Have researched, looked at, of the rack rods that would suit, but am more interested in looking at the range of rods from Assassins, Poseidons, Nitro's and Century's, to name a few.
My question: Can anybody tell me if there is anywhere in Perth I can view come of these brands before I commit to buying anything.



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 Assassin with low mount get

Thu, 2014-08-14 12:03

 Assassin with low mount get medium and x heavy tip.  As for shop do t know bought mine in SA

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I picked up one from BCF

Thu, 2014-08-14 12:13

I picked up one from BCF recently, cant remember the brand, wasnt expensive and good enough for what I needed. From memory was only $120 or so, 11 feet

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Hi Mick. Assassin's retailers

Thu, 2014-08-14 12:18

Hi Mick. Assassin's retailers in Perth are listed here. http://www.assassintackle.com.au/store-locator


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Thu, 2014-08-14 12:27

G'day gav1970,
Thanks for the reply, will be in Perth in a couple of weeks so will check these out.



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Complete angler

Thu, 2014-08-14 12:52

 I am fairly sure Complete Angler on Dixon rd in Rockingham deal with the Poseidon....



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assasin rods

Thu, 2014-08-14 17:55

 sherbs from this site has them at cast away tackle in mallaga ( the old tackle shack) go check them out 

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Excalibur Australia.

Fri, 2014-09-05 17:54


If youre seriously looking for a beautiful rod for that reel, go custom. 

Contact Excalibur Tackle in Australia and at least send an email, since i got my two low mounted over head rods from them, a Sho Ken 5 and a BTS medium (for casting 5 and 6 oz) I havent looked at anything else. 

They are 14 foot, 3 piece, and will get you a stupid amount of distance. 

Personally ive put 5 oz sinkers down a field and measured to 145m and im by no means an amazing caster. That was with a similar reel, Saltist 30h. Just a little more robust version of an ABU, similar spool size though. 

The guy in charge of imports into the country is good with helping you pick a blank and sort details, but in the end its fully customised to you and it would be a personal treasure. They would set you back around the 400-600 dollar mark depending what you buy, but they are the best surf blanks in the world built by an expert with 30yrs of rod building under his belt. 

Check em out. 




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Fri, 2015-04-10 22:51

 G'day Sarge,

Sorry so long for the reply, but will tell you about my set up.

Bought a Sonik 5oz 14 foot 2 piece from the UK and have been using my Abu on that. Haven' t been getting great distance on that as is a level wind, but getting basic technique down pat.

Just recently imported a Avet sx mc from USA and have been getting up to 150m on grass and getting some nice fish in and around the Capes.

Have been experimenting with line, using braid backing with 150m of 8kg mono topshot. Using pulley rig with 4 or5 oz grapnel sinkers, depending on conditions.


Still a lot of practice to do but having a ball and getting some OK fish.

Cheers for now,




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it was only today that i

Sat, 2015-04-11 19:13

it was only today that i learnt how much a good quality rod, can play a big part in catching fish. my mates rod set him back $180 from bcf and feels amazing to cast, little effort required for the distance. i have a rod that cost me $60 from bcf and is quiet honestly what i paid for....it gets a bait in the water, but nowhere near as far, or as easily. both our rods are 2 piece 12ft and we were both using identical penn reels.

Im definately due for an upgrade soon because im sick of wading into the water and still landing 20m short of him when he cast from his seat haha.

all that being said...im the only one who caught fish this weekend. 2 nice big tailor


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ABU 7000

Mon, 2015-04-13 14:30

I have an ABU 7000 and ABU 10000CL, both over 30 years old, both still in perfect condition.

I use a custon 10ft 6in Grphcast with my 10000 and an ABU Surflex 1202 (i think) also about 35 years old.

The custom rod casts upto 200g, more at a push, the surflex 100g. However the 10ft smashes the 12ft in casting distance.

14ft is not required, in my opinion, as they can actually degrade casting distance. 

More important of all is still technique. I went to a few long casting comps, and within 10 minutes was able to add 30-40% to my casting length. I was amazed as I thought I was quite good until I saw those guys.

So, a rod that handles the weight you want to cast, graphite, lightweight with a long(ish) handle.

PM me if you want more detaills.