hey, does any body know how nornalup inlet is fishing at the moment! any help or advise down that way would be good! gonna take the old boy down for a bash in the tinny! any info would be good even beach fishing?? cheers  have a 4x4

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 Hi Brownie, was down there

Fri, 2018-06-08 14:26

 Hi Brownie, was down there in mid April and salmon were running at Conspicuous Cliff beach early morning to 12.00pm. Good size fat herring were on the boil one afternoon too, grabbing any metal i chucked out. Need to walk a bit from the car park but it is a beautiful spot if the wind isn't raging. Head down to the left after you get on to the beach toward the headland.


Mandalay beach beautiful also but gravel road very corrugated so wouldn't drive unless you have 4wd or happy to go very slow. 


Plenty of bream in the Frankland but mostly caught undersize using prawns.  Good fun anyway. Also some monster crabs that are the sweetest i have tasted so take some drop nets and get into them for sure.


Fav spot in the world. Have a great time.

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 Was down there 2 weeks ago

Sat, 2018-06-09 04:26

 Was down there 2 weeks ago very shallow. Rescue boat was putting makers in for the niads. We got bogged in a 8m boat @ high tide following the markers.  You will be right ina tinny.