Weekend Fishing? 4th and 5th March

Saturday: E/NE winds 15/20 knots easing to NE 10/15 knots by midday and tending S/SW'ly 15/20 knots mid afternoon and reaching 18/23 knots offshore in the evening

Well there seems to be some "lousy smarch weather" but im sick of it so im just gonna head out off ocean reef on saturday anyway! Stuff you weather !

Hopefully get into some action like i did about a month back (See Videos - Samsonfish Kaos)

15-20 but easing a little, not heading too far anyway. Just need to get out on the water!

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Weekend's Fishing

Fri, 2006-03-03 09:56

I agree Shizz, but then they said the wind was meant to be 10-15 e/se this morning and it is well and truly less than 5 knots, it is absolutely magic out there now. With the temperature going to be 37 tomorrow I reckon it will be an all day offshore, or very light late seabreeze. I'm trying to convince the skipper to go out tomorrow, sunday and monday chasing different stuff everyday, heres hoping!

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Yep well its all go, having

Fri, 2006-03-03 19:08

Yep well its all go, having a sleep in and hopin to launch around 7. Patched up a chip on the hull tonight after work so she's all ready to go....almost - Gotta go grab some feul as that usually helps!

Will post results.

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Sat, 2006-03-04 10:07

OOOOh that easterly is blowing today! Best of luck Shizza, i'd be staying in close if i was you :)


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Home sweet home. Easterly

Sat, 2006-03-04 14:26

Home sweet home.

Easterly was nothing, been out in heaps worse :p Launched at 7 fished for an hour close to shore for bait, ended up with around 15 or so whiting and yellowtail.

Trolled out behind 3 mile, got a hook up on a christmas tree but fish was lost about 10 seconds later, didnt feel too big tho probably a bonito.

Fished my usual haunt, burley burley burley but could only raise a wobby and a few small fish and one massive sea sweep. Decided to drift when wind dropped to about 1 knot ! Got some good bites and hook up but didnt land anything. Got bitten off on a livie then mates livey got off and landed a 3-4 foot bronzie which was very acrobatic next to the boat :P

Over all nice day out but shitty day fishing.