wellcraft respray

 Happy to help out another fw member with a full respray on a wellcraft and anti fowl if anyone looking to clean up there boat over winter feel free to contact me on 0418660354 or pm me...

shop location Rockingham 


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Sun, 2018-07-08 08:52

 Good job Surge


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Bloody hell

Sun, 2018-07-08 09:20

 That looks awesome!!

great job




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Well done

Sun, 2018-07-08 09:29

 Great to see people that still have pride in their work.

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 looks schmick . the owner

Sun, 2018-07-08 09:41

 looks schmick . the owner will def be happy with that result


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Sun, 2018-07-08 09:47

 you should get a hold of those baron moulds...


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 That's come up a treat mate,

Sun, 2018-07-08 17:27

 That's come up a treat mate, sure looks better when I looked at purchasing that boat 6 months ago. Will be keen to see the finished product.

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 cheers lads yeah come up

Mon, 2018-07-09 19:03

 cheers lads yeah come up preety good keep me in mind for any painting needs