What is the best land based fishing experience in the north west? Steep Point, Quobba Station or Somewhere Else?

Hi Everyone,

Im planning a trip mid next year with my dad for some hard core land based fishing.

I've been doing my research and two places keep coming up: Steep Point & Quobba.

I would appreciate any advice you guys could give about what locations would be best for newbies like us...or have I hit the two best spots on the head?


We have never done this type of fishing trip before (although we are avid fisherman and have always dreamed of doing this) and it will be a new experience for us catching game fish off dangerous rock ledges.

I think we would prefer to hire a 4wd and to stay at some accomodation as opposed to camping (as we don't have all the camping gear and want to make things easier).

This could possibly rule out Steep Point as I believe camping is the only option.

Does this rule my locations down to Quobba only - as the station has accomodation available.

Is Quobba good or would you recommend other spots for game fishing off land?


We would love to try for game fish (spanish mackerel, tuna, cobia etc) and also switch to bottom bouncing for spanner, cods, trouts, emperors etc). 

It seems like Quobba caters for both.


Also, I was thinking about going mid next year. Does this timing affect the fishing?

I spoke to a really healpful lady at Quobba Station who recommended coming in April.

She said the Spaniards/Tuna would be possible then but not the Cobia as they are caught Nov/Dec.....but the bottom fish are available all year round.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also...how hard is it to catch a fish there? 












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dirk hartog island

Mon, 2012-12-03 11:37

for the inexperienced , quobba can be a nightmare and a very difficult place to fish and catch fish, Dirk Hartog island could be a much better option for you.  cheers

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Hey Ryan,What can y ou tell

Tue, 2012-12-04 13:14

Hey Ryan,

What can y ou tell us about Dirk Hartog island.

Accomodation, fishing, conditions...best time of year?




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Quobba Info

Mon, 2012-12-03 11:52


I have just returned from my 4th trip to Quobba.

First question is how fit are you and your dad. There are some spots that you can get to easily  such as 2 mile and camp rock, but may not always be fishable depending on swell etc. Places like Garths and the Caves require reasonable fitness due to the climb in and out, plus the fact that you have to take all your fishing gear with you so good quality backpack a must. Ensure you have good quality Rock(reef) and climbing boots.

Accomodation - we stay in the chalets. A little more expensive ($60 per night per person) but has 24hr power, shower/toilet, cooking facilites and fridge/freezer. Will need to take own water as water on station is desal.

Fishing gear - we mostly spin so high speed reels and graphite rods eesential. I used a Diawa Saltist 6500 matched with Shimano Starlo 1006 graphite rod, loaded with 50lb braid. Don't do a lot of bottom fishing as usually too windy this time of year.

Will still need to take all of your own supplies as nearest shop in Carnarvon. Station does have limited supplies.

Idealy it would be good if you can find someone who is going up the same time just to show you how to get to a lot of the spots (may need to take carton of beer or 2 as bribery). No sign posts etc. For example getting to Garths is easy, but once at the top of the hill need to know way down as can be a bit tricky for first timers. I know the first time we went took about 40 minutes to work it out.

As far as catching fish, Hooking them is the easy part, getting them past the sharks is the biggest hurdle. We only landed 1 in 4 fish for the trip. So will also need to take plenty of gear.



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 Hi Iceman,Thanks for your

Tue, 2012-12-04 13:13

 Hi Iceman,

Thanks for your reply.

We are both not too bad on the fitness scale.

Unfortunately I don't have anyone to go with so just me n dad at this stage.

When is it windy....now Nov/Dec for Cobia season or June/July for S.Mackerel/Tuna season?

I have heard its SW's winds now and during winter its mainly Easterly/s.

If you had to pick one land based spot to fish from...where would you pick? After 4 trips to Quobba there must be a good reason why you keep returning.

Thanks for the heads up on bringing supplies.

I just don't want to waste time with other spots really. I want to go straight to where I can catch some serious game fish.

Are the sharks really that bad? Are they any less worse at places like Steep Point?

Just as an aside...what about Redd Bluff nearby. Is there good fishing there also? Or does it not compare with Quobba.

Thanks for your advice mate.





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The sharks at Steep Point are

Tue, 2012-12-04 13:34

The sharks at Steep Point are also bad plus there are grouper there that can eat your fish whole.

You need to be quick with your cliff gaff.

I was there with a group of 4 people, so we had two people throwing rocks at the sharks while the others were gaffing the fish.

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Tue, 2012-12-04 17:20

Nov/Dec is good for Shark mackerel and cobia. We caught 16 Sharkies up to 8kg and 2 Spaniards. No cobia this time. Sharks where bad. We estimate we lost around 80  fish to sharks and being reefed. Weather is a lottery but we have been lucky so far. Even with SW winds we were able to fish garths and the caves and still caught fish.

June/July people mainly balloon due to the wind. also the swell can be up in this time of year if winter storms down south

The reason we go to Quobba is the accomadation and variety of fishing spots. Plus being isolated not a lot of people go there.

Not sure about the shark compared to steep point as never been there

Red Bluff - mainly bait fishing, but if you want to walk to the point at Red Bluff fishing OK, but as long walk

Our first 2 trip (which we did in Feb & August were no go as far as fish). Was advised to try November and the last 2 trip we bought back 40 & 50kg of fillets respectively.

We always book well in advance to get the chalets



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Just booked me trip to Quobba in July

Thu, 2013-01-24 10:28

Hey Iceman.

Just booked my 5 night trip to Quobba in the first week of July. Staying in the chalets.

Hoping it will be good and we have some luck on our side being first timers.

I would appreciate any advice ...starting from the very basics.

1) Would you recommend only spinning lures or would you recommend ballooning and bottom fishing?

2) What is the best way to organise our time fishing. Would you say sunrise till 10am (or whenever fish stop biting) and then round two starting at 5pm till late)?

3) What is it like fishing at night? How dangerous is it? What lighting would you suggest we bring?

4) How many different rods and reels should we take? What rods and reels do you recommend?

6) How many different gaffs should we bring?

7) What about clothing? What would you recommend. I heard its very cold in the morning and at night.

8) Could you give some hints on the type and amount of terminal tackle to take? How much should we take for two fishing sessions per day?

9) What about bait. The people at the station said to buy it in Carnavon and bring it with you to the station. Would you agree? How much and what type of bait should we buy? Will it all fit in the freezer in the chalets and do we need to bring our own ice?

10) Would you recommend bait fishing? If so, are 4 ganged hooks the main rig used?

Sorry for very basic questions. Yes we are humble beginners and thats why we're speakign to as many people as possible before we go on this adventure.

Appreciate your time.









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Some questions answered

Thu, 2013-01-24 13:32


1. We ahve not been in July and spend all our time spinning and bottom fishing if weather permits. From other blogs on this site it is a good time of year to also balloon but as I have done liitle of that cannot advise you what rigs etc.

2. we try and get to the fishing spot as it is getting light. Particularly if you are going to places such as Garths and The Caves. I have seen some walk down in the dark but we never take the risk. we normally fish for about 4 hours especially if you have a long climb/walk back to the car.

Night Time bait fishing. We only have fished The Post which is situated just south of Whistler Rock. It is about 10-12 mtrs above the water. With South Westernly we can fish facing North. get thier around dusk whilst there is still some light to get set up.

We have also bait fished the 2 mile but only during the day when the pelagics aren't biting. But only in low tide and swell. Have done well on Pinkies, spanglies and even jacks. Rig is basic 6-8 circle hook with ball sinker and squid as bait.

3. Fishing at night - The Post is OK but I would have a goodf look at it during the day. we using powerful headlamp for lighting.

4. Rods & Reels - for ballooning sorry can't advise on that but I would think overhead that can hold up 1000mtr line and at least 9ft overhead rod.

Spinning - I mainly use Diawa 6500 reel matched with Shimano Starlo Classic 1006 (graphite). Line is 50lb Tuffline braid. Very impressed with set up see video link. Caught a shark at the caves. Ros is just over 10ft and helps keep line from the rocks when you get the fish in close. Diawa reel has excellent reteval rate of 135cm per crank.


I have as spare 9ft Ozflex 8kg and 2 Shimano Stradic 8000 loaded with 30lb Braid.

Bait fishing - any beach rod up at least 10ft ok. Need to have solid blank as most times you can get the fish up without the use of a gaff. Reel is Penn 950 loaded with 15kg mono, yellow so easy to see at night.

6. Gaffs we have 6mtr pole gaff  (2 piece) ) as well as cliff gaff.

7. Clothing - we went one year in late August and yes was cold in the morning and evening. Need reef boot and also good pair of climbing shoes.

8. Tackle - How much is too much?

Lures - we use 85g Spaniads and knights. I take about 50 of these of various colours. Mainly due to number lost to sharks and bust offs. We also take 3oz Bucktail jigs that we order from cabelas in the USA. These are used to catch shark Mackeral but not sure if they are around this time of year (July). I took 30 up last time and came back with 5. You can also use hardbody lures. We take all sorts but mostly Rapala x-Rap 14 all clolours and bombers in gold colour.

Traces - use Halco single wire 89lb. Puchase high quality snaps and swivels.

Bait Fishing - The post - size 4-5 star sinker. I make my own. Took 100 last trip and between 4 of us lost 20 in two night. Hooks - 6-8 circle hooks (100 plus). Rigs very basic simiaalr to tailor rig. Expect to loose a lot of gear but fsihing can be excellent. spend time making up plenty of rigs before each session.

Bait Fishing - 2 mile - ball sinkers size 4-5 and 6-8 circle hooks. Ball sinker runs to the hook. Just cast in allow to sink for a while and then slow retreive. Depth is around 20mtrs right in front of the reef.

Bait - we take all our bait from Perth but we have Engel with us. Between 4 of us we take 4 boxs Squid and 4 IQF Mulies. If you catch some scalies or mullet before you go even better than the mulies. It will initially fit in the freezer but you may need some room when you start bringing fish back. We put some in the bottom of the fridge (wrapped up) as we know we will be using it so it thaws out slowly. I don't think the station sells ice but you can use their freezer but is costs from memory $15 per night. Depends on how much fish you catch. I would try and get hold of and engel or Waeco freezer for the trip up and back. We took 2 and between 4 of us filled them with 50kg of fillets.

10. Don't use gang kooks unless bait casting without lead. Too much reef around.

PM me with your email address and I will send you my list of what we take.

Also where do you live - happy to catch up for a drink and discuss further and even show where the spots to fish are as hard to find up there as no sigh posts









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 Wagoe chalets

Mon, 2012-12-03 13:08

 Wagoe chalets

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 Cheers cudbfishn... I heard

Tue, 2012-12-04 13:08

 Cheers cudbfishn...


I heard the fishing at wagoe is extremely tough from the perspective of swell and waves and that weather/seas are the biggest enemy.


Id hate to go there and it not be fishable coz the swell is above 1.5m.


I have heard that anything abvoe that is unfishable.


Is this correct?


Also, how deep is the water of the back of the reef?


Is it deeper than parts of Quobba?




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 The best time of year to go

Tue, 2012-12-04 18:45

 The best time of year to go to wagoe is march/april. The winds and swell are usually down and this is the time of the year the mackies are running. There is also a few beaches along wagoe if the swell is up. Pulled plenty of big fish from these beaches. The water gets deep in parts but not as deep as some parts of quobba/steep. But still plenty of baldies and pinkies if your lucky.

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Great spot

Fri, 2012-12-07 19:27

If you want a nice peaceful fish book a spot at steep point camp grounds Blackies is my fave. Bluebone, spanglies and red spot emps nearly a fish a cast ( with bait ) and the cliffs are only a 10 minute drive away + Dicko the ranger will look after you if you run into any probs

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I just got back from my first

Sat, 2012-12-08 19:54

I just got back from my first time at Quobba. After fishing steep point all my life i would rather steep point any day of the week, swell, dangers,ledges and always on guard just dont do it for me. Steeps harder to get to, rougher because of no showers nothing for miles away etc but i personally rather rough it at the point


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Fri, 2012-12-14 17:25

Yep... I agree.. I live in Carnarvon, and fish Quobba ALL the time.....  Its pretty hit n miss really.. Go to Steep point mate!!! 

Places like Camp rock etc, near Quobba fish ok.. but..... You had want to be the first person there to get a good spot!!!  Which means almost getting up a 3am to beat the other tourists!!!


It can be very hairy fishing these cliffs etc... with the swells , king waves etc..  From my experience.. not sure about others though.. the swells havent quite picked up by April BUT can...  And the King Waves... well... The only ones I've experienced actually had a lot of north/nor westerly winds and swell direction in them..

Whats others experience with the King Waves????   Be interesting to hear from a few others that have experienced these...