what is the best locally built 6m fibreglass centre console boat?


I've been searching the net extensively looking for WA boat manufacturer who builds 6m fibregalss centre consoles for a reasonable price. I found plenty over east but very little in WA. Anyone got any suggestions? Surely there are some? thanks


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 Not many built locally here

Thu, 2015-05-07 16:30

 Not many built locally here at the moment. I know that a guy had the original penguin huntress moulds and had a cc top for them. They were priced pretty well. Was a bit on fb 6 months ago about him wanting a few confirmed orders or he was going to pack the moulds away. 

Thought I saw something the other day that suggested Denton Marine had a new model coming out too.



Does anyone know where the love of god goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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Local built glass boat

Thu, 2015-05-07 20:28

north shore boats in Henderson redemtora? Rd blokes name is Paul 0414508337 got all my supplies from him for my shark cat rebuild and a mate of mine just had a cc made by him top quality job and good bloke too.   


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 Try Fibrelite boats in

Fri, 2015-05-08 05:13

 Try Fibrelite boats in Henderson.

Ben will build to order his centrecab and runabout models.

 0410 445 585

has a web site too - just google him

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those fibrelite boats look

Fri, 2015-05-08 09:04

those fibrelite boats look good!

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 Nice looking boats. Would be

Sat, 2015-05-09 20:05

 Nice looking boats. Would be very dry too

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Just under 6m

Fri, 2015-05-08 15:48

 But at 5.65m the locally made Ocean Whaler is one hell of a good locally made centre console boat and so versatile can be taken out to sea and great for crabbing ect in the river defiantly well worth looking at

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Fri, 2015-05-08 16:27

 +1 for the ocean whaler.....very dry for a cc.

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Is that why I had to get extra clears on mine?

Fri, 2015-05-08 19:11

 Its not as dry as one would hope. I put a clear above the screen and also out to the bulwarks either side so I could stay dry in most seas. The only other problem is now follow up from Nigel at Ocean Whaler. From what I have been reading over the past months on here he is a hard man to get hold of if you have problems. In saying that I have to admit that I had no dramas getting hold of him when I had problems.

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Never used clears

Fri, 2015-05-08 19:32

 I've got clears made up for mine but I've never had to use them and I've been out in some pretty ordinary weather where you out in a cyclone or something I've never been in a dryer cc boat plus i think you will find Nigel got married and was away for a while everyone is entitled to holiday doesn't make them a bad business person 

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No it's not local

Sat, 2015-05-09 14:54

 I know it's not local but the keywest centre console are a great boat

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If your into cats the 6 meter

Sat, 2015-05-09 20:12

If your into cats the 6 meter centre console version of the leisure cats brumby is pretty good. Not quite local made but local,owned.