What prop? 140hp Suzuki

 Hey crew, 


I have recently changed engines from a 130hp Yamaha 2 Stroke to a 140hp Suzuki 4 Stroke on my Southwind 550WR. 

Boat performs just as I would want it while underway and on the plane, however I have noticed it struggles out of the hole when it is loaded with people/ eskies. 

At the moment I am running the standard aluminium prop (can't remember specs it's getting serviced as we speak) but want to upgrade to something that gives me more hole shot. 

I don't care too much about top end speed just want to be able to get on the plane a bit quicker. 

So i ask, what prop do you reccomend/ are you running with a similar setup? 

I understand that 4 blades have more 'grip' and hence allow the boat to accelarate faster than 3 blades. 


All info is welcome. 



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 The proper SS 4 blade will

Fri, 2021-02-05 16:07

 The proper SS 4 blade will get you on to the plane faster and hold a lower planning /maintaining  speed in rough conditions. Be prepared for a price shock.

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Fri, 2021-02-05 16:50

I found the Ali 4 blade was the best choice on my old boat when I had the 140 Zuk.

Tried stainless but wasnt happy. The stock 3 blade was actually pretty good unless loaded right up.

Just need to set up for your normal load.


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Pitch vs revs

Sun, 2021-02-07 08:22

 Probably need to check your revs at WOT first , this will give you an indication of how close you are to start with. You may find you are over propped now and the engine is loaded to much . If you are close then you can come down in pitch / size too pick your revs up .