What size for Perth waters

Hey all,


I've never done any jigging before but have watched Paul Worsteling rave about it and catch some decent fish all around Oz. So, I've decided to give it a go.


Problem I have is that I've been given pretty different advice from Tackleworld and BCF. The guy in BCF advised me to go for a Stradic 8000 and a 24 kg rod, whereas the guy in tackleworld has advised a 4000 Exceler and a much lighter rod (think it was 4 kg).


My question is - what size should I be going for in Perth waters? I mainly fish cockburn sound and surrounding areas, I sometimes manage to get out as far as the FADs or the shelf, but only when the weather is glassy, so I'll mainly be fishing up to 100m with the occasional trip to 300m. I'm thinking something in the middle of the two suggestions may be the best plan......any thoughts?


(I'd also like to be able to troll some lures out the back using this rod on the way in and out, if that' possible on jigging gear...?)

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P.s. when I say surrounding

Wed, 2014-07-09 13:38

P.s. when I say surrounding areas I mean out past FFB and Rotto

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"up to 100 - occasional 300m"

Wed, 2014-07-09 13:51

 Gday mate

Thats pretty wide scope. I have 11 combos to solve this issue : ) 

Choosing overhead reels will widen you ability with increased line capacities on reasonably compact reel sizes. 

But for spin if you need 350m for the occasional deep jigging session you will need to go 8000 and higher reel sizes. In lighter line sizes too. Ie pe 3-4 


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You could use either combo

Wed, 2014-07-09 13:53

You could use either combo suggested DunkerT. It'll be a trade off between sport and skull dragging. I have a saragosa 6000 loaded with 30lb on a JM sabre game 1.5-3pe and a week away in Port Gregory showed me that this combo can handle everything up to 6ft bronzies easily. This is probably somewhere in between the two combos you've suggested.


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not sure what size the Diawa

Wed, 2014-07-09 15:31

not sure what size the Diawa 4000 Exceler is compared to a 6000-8000 shimano reel, but you wouldn't want anything less than a 6000 shimano size for jigging around metro. I run an 8000 with 65lb braid and have been cleaned up a few times now. With anything less than a 6000 you wont have sufficient cranking power especially in the early stages of battle.

I think the 8000 stradic is a really good option, load it with a good quality braid (no less than 50lb) and you should be good to go.

who ever told you to go for a 4kg rod was playing with himself, unless you told him you were jigging for bream in the swan.

BUT for casting at FAD's then lighter is definitely a better option, an 8000 size reel on a dolly would be like having sex with 6 condoms. I use a 4000 sustain, 20lb braid and a 4-5kg spinning rod and that would out class any dolly.

If you want one combo for both then maybe you have to meet somewhere in the middle between the two options.

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Don't want to be a party

Wed, 2014-07-09 17:21

Don't want to be a party killer, but there is no way you can have one combo that can effectively jig both the FFB / Cockburn sound and also jig 300m.

For jigging under 50m, you want a light combo, PE2 or PE3. So in spinning gear you are looking at a 4000 or 5000 size Shimano reel and a light rod.

For jigging in the 100m mark, I guess you are talking about sambo jigging at the barges etc. If you use PE2/3 here, then on many days, all you'll do is feed the sharks. You want PE5, and to get the capacity, you will want an 8000 size reel minimum and a heavier rod.

For 300m its a whole nother story. You need huge line capacity (ideally 400-500m) and a rod that will work heavy jigs.

The closest you will get to a budget 'all-round' metro jigging combo in my book would be an 8000 size stradic, and Shimano Deep Jig 200 rod. Buy a second spool for it, one for PE4/5 and one for PE2/3. It will be 'ok' for the shallower water stuff (but still not really soft enough to work the lighter demersal jigs) and will also be 'ok' for jigging the sambos in 100m. Not suitable for 300m though, as you wont get the line capacity.

In an ideal world though you buy two combos. One just for demersal jigging (PE3 or so) which you use in under 80m. Then one decent PE5 combo with an overhead reel. This one you could use from 80m up to 300m.


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Thu, 2014-07-10 08:11

Thanks for the info guys, majority of suggestions are saying to go for the 8000 (I had a look at the 6000 and was told that it has exactly the same gearbox and whatnot as the 8000, just a smaller spool, so I may aswell go for the 8000 if I was thinking about the 6000).


I'll take a trip into tackle world this evening and see if they've got something on offer.


Thanks again,

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If you want advice on Jigging

Thu, 2014-07-24 15:06

If you want advice on Jigging forget BCF and Tackle World.

If South of the river hit up Oceanside Tackle and Marine. They are site sponsors and look after forum members and really know what they are talking about.

If North of the river Try Tackle HQ the boys there also really know there stuff about jigging and dont mind a chat.

Another one to try is complete Angler Nedlands. I havnt been there but they get alot of good feedback on here.


If you are really interested in getting into it try one of these shops where the boys will give you all the advice you need to get you going.

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Jig stick

Mon, 2014-09-01 20:18


I use an 8000 stradic (purely for capacity) with a deep jig 200 spooled with 50lb braid, usually 100-180g jigs in 40m-90m. Puts plenty of hurt on a decent dhu but can be a bit heavy (weight) if ur jigging for a while, let alone jigging in over 100m.. The 8000 is probably more reel than a 200 needs.. I would recommend a 5000 Stradic on the 200 deep jig spooled with 40lb Daiwa tournament or similar..  I'm grabbing one (5000) for metro work and save the 8000 for trips away when the freight trains pull into station.. Good reels for the $. Then u just need to buy a jig.... or 50..!

For your deep drop jigging you will need to up the rod size because of jig weight and the fish you will encounter out there, the 200 just won't cut it imo.