Where are they biting?

Hi Guys

Ive returned to Perth after 12 years in Hedland. Desperate to wet a line and try my hand at freshwater fishing for redfin etc. Anyone got suggestions of where to catch them and what gear to use? I have bream gear I used up north and some plastics. Thanks.

ps, i noticed that there arent any new topics here. Is the freshwater scene dead?


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G'day Sean

Sat, 2013-12-28 10:57

I'm not familiar with redfin spots but it's been discussed before  - if you plug in redfin into the search box at the left of screen you should find a heap of spots and discussion. Good luck in the new year.


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Trout season

Sat, 2013-12-28 23:18

 Trout season kicked of a few months ago and the fish didn't want to play the game. Alot of the usual dams and rivers got a lot of late rain and were very full of water. I don't know about others but this made it very hard to cover ground and find fish, there wern't alot of reports posted.

I got a heap of reddies at Dwellingup a few weeks ago, but most were small. At this time of the year that place is very busy with holiday campers and i havn't been back yet. 

Try a search of the site ( on the side bar )  Here is a few to help you start .  fishwrecked.com/forum/rainbow-trout-and-big-redfin     fishwrecked.com/forum/dwellingup-redfin   fishwrecked.com/forum/my-best-redfin-spot

Cheers Grant 

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Had a pretty intense hour or

Sun, 2013-12-29 23:56

Had a pretty intense hour or sso fishing at Wellington Dam the other evening. landed 9 from the bank all were 25-30cm. Got them all on a pretty plain red spinner and a small rainbow trout patterned halco. Had a few missed hits from bigger fish too which was a good sign! the water level seems to have reached the best point now with plenty of drop offs to fish from the bank and at least the waters receded enough to make walking the banks possible.

closer to Perth probably Waroona dam is your best bet although I haven't heard how that's fishing lately.