Which hull to consider

 Hi All


I am starting to have a look around at different boats and are in the market for something decent but looking at everything that is currently available and the covid tax charged on most boats is somewhat discouraging. My budget will be between 20-30k and I do not have a preference for Ally or fibreglass. It depends on what is available at the time that is reasonable.


Something in the size range of 5.4-6m, capability to go offshore, rotto, maybe a FAD run in very good conditions. 


I would like some opinions on what you consider as a good hull and also some that I should avoid at all cost. Something you think should definitely be on the boat for that budget ex 4 stroke engine with less than 500hrs etc. 


Any help would be highly appreciated.



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 What size and capabilities

Mon, 2021-05-31 16:03

 What size and capabilities are required as In how far out are you planning on going out


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Hi Faulkner

Mon, 2021-05-31 16:18

I have just updated the post to include size range and expected/capabilities. Would like to pick my days and be able to travel a bit offshore. The boat will be used regularly out of metro waters and a couple of times a year out of exmouth.

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I just saw a 1998 550 R haines signature

Mon, 2021-05-31 16:47

 with a 135hp merc on back (not a 4st). Its on boatsonline selling through boat city  for 23,990 ono  looks like something you may be interested in looks good

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 There's a Bonito for sale at

Mon, 2021-05-31 17:25

 There's a Bonito for sale at Midway Marine. Looks the goods.



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 I wouldn't limit yourself to

Wed, 2021-06-09 23:25

 I wouldn't limit yourself to an OB with sub 500hrs on it....


The better brand OB's should be good for 10 x that if maintained.... 

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Thu, 2021-06-10 06:59

 I'd rather have something with some decent hours on it , better to be used on a regular basis than sit . I've e put 100 hrs on my donk in the past six weeks. Not that hard to do.


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Thu, 2021-06-10 08:21

Thanks thats good advice and I will keep that in mind, now the next question is which OB to avoid. I have some experience with Mercury and Yamaha but not much with anything else. Been going out with a tinny recently with a 40 Suzuki on and that does not seem bad at all.