Which tides for Whiting in Leschenault / Australind Estuary

Hi everyone,

Started to look around the estuary for some whiting using poppers.
Just wondering if people are having most luck at low tide or at high tide?

I thought I'd heard just before low tide was the best but have heard others say high is better.

Any advice would be appreciated. We went out at the Collie rivermouth last week and there was nothing.

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I've never tried my hand at

Sat, 2016-12-10 08:48

I've never tried my hand at YFW popping ....although caught a few over the years. (will be popping hopefully while on hols in Mandurah in Jan.)

this FB page is pretty good and heard that the outgoing tide is always the goer. (again not from experience just what I've heard)



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Sat, 2016-12-10 22:54

 Next to the BP servo is a boat ramp and a channel has been dug out to the right is an Island when it is exposed wait till it gets about a foot of water on it every whiting in the estuary will flood on it for the worms.I lived at kingston and fished it regular.I used to scoop the shrimp around the jetty and in the weeds near the vets and use them on long shank tiny hooks they get to 380mm then I think they move offshore.The river has a few in summer as well if the water is to deep on the sand bars.Its good for scooping a few crabs too.I netted there in the 90s and got a mud crab there once and another one on whiting fillet fishing at the elbow for bream


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