Whitfords Sea Rescue - Radio Information night 12th October

 Hi all

Whitfords Sea Rescue is holding a Radio information night. Details below


Radio Information Night

Do you know

The various types of marine radios and which is best for you? 

When and where you legally need to have a marine radio on board?

 How to use your marine radio properly?

How to “Log On and Log Off” with a Marine Rescue Group?

The correct language to use when using your radio?

What is a “Repeater Station”?

The benefits of registering your vessel with Whitfords Sea Rescue Group?

When can you access the services of a group such as Whitfords Sea Rescue?

How and who to call in an emergency?

If the answers to any of these questions is “No” then perhaps you should attend our Radio Information Night.

When: 7.30pm on Thursday 12th October

Where: Whitfords Sea Rescue Hall – 1 Boat Harbour Quays, Ocean Reef (just north of the Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club).

Please let me know if you are interested in attending.

Peter Peebles Radio Operations Leader Whitfords Volunteer Sea Rescue Group

Email: Mob: 0488151822

Gold coin donation will be appreciated.


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Bugger I am keen but that's

Thu, 2017-09-14 11:29

Bugger I am keen but that's the day I head down South.

Hey Iceman, in regard to gold coin donations but on a seperate topic, we have a casual for a cause Friday on the last Friday of every month where I work to raise funds for charities and organisations. A while back I requested that Whitfords Volunteer Sea Rescue Group be placed on the list and we have you guys down as our donor for 23 February 2018. The donation amount can vary between $300 to $700 and I plan on walking around rattling the tin to make sure all the tight arses contribute.

Who would be the best person to get in touch with to get some pics to put together a bit of a write up for the day to encourage as many donations as possible? In the past we've also had reps from charities/organisations walk around with a staff member rattling tins so there may be scope for me to walk around the office with a couple of your crew in uniform to encourage more donations. My office is based within the area covered by VJ6LQ.

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Contact Me

Thu, 2017-09-14 16:56

 Sounds great you can contact myself (Mark) as follows and I can discuss how we can assist

Mob 0448122208



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