Why should you buy from Xtreme Coolers?

Hi all

Moving into our second year now i thought it was a good opportunity to outline why it is worth giving us a ring at Xtreme Coolers.

1. Information: We will tell you about the design, construction and purpose for all our products. Knowledge of design and construction is very important. Purchasing the right box for you is even more of a priority. 30% of people who come to us with a particular size/design in mind end up opting for something different that suits their needs. Too many people are not told about design features and are often left surprised when the wine/soft drink bottle does not fit.

2. Interest: We are interested in you and the product we are selling. Even if it is just information you are after, we are happy to point you in the right direction.

3. Product and Range: We put a lot of effort in purchasing a quality product and are always working on a range that caters for many needs in different sizes and styles.

4. Technology: Our cooler boxes are made using the best materials and processes available. Anti delamination and UV protection are now a standard component on all boxes.

5. Warranty: When things go wrong, we want to know about it and fix the concern as soon as we can. All boxes have a 5 year warranty.

6. Insulation: All xtreme cooler boxes are 100% insulated with polyurethane foam. This is a major factor in the 7 day cooling capacity.

7.Price: Dealing directly with the factory allows us to price our products at extremely good prices.

8. Flexibility: We will come to you if possible and offer a free delivery service to all fishwrecked members in the Perth area. Ring Dave to see how far he is willing to travel. I dropped a box off in Mandurah last week to a person who lives in Bunbury.

9. Support: Xtreme Coolers is proud to be a sponsor of the Kalbarri Classic, The WA Dressage Association and Port Hedland Game fishing club.

I look forward in speaking to some of you soon and hope to continue enjoying all of your comments in 2011 on Fishwrecked.



Dave Allen