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I have a general question about wind direction, because as with most I work weekdays and have weekends off, with the wind and swell not agreeing most of the time we are off. I know the 15 rule but my question is what direction of wind should I be looking for to head out from Rockingham for a fish and what winds are a no no to head out in, I have a 5.25m western craft cheers 



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 If I am heading deep - Has

Sat, 2018-02-03 10:48

 If I am heading deep - Has to be easterly for me - or variable is my favourite word on the BoM forecast. If it’s going to swing to the west at some point that’s ok, as I don’t mind going out with the easterly and coming in with the westerly.


Anything directly north or south isn’t much fun. But once your 20nm out I think the wind direction is pretty irrelevant - it’s the wind speed and swell that makes it uncomfortable.


If im just staying in-shore then I don’t take too much notice of the wind direction if it’s under 12knts.


I have heard a rhyme about wind direction and when the fish are biting, but I can’t really remember it. Something like east they bite the least, West is best. Haha but I just go fishing when the weather permits!

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I have a similar size boat,

Sat, 2018-02-03 11:00

I have a similar size boat, and do a lot of my fishing within 10miles of shore, form hilalrys I have found E/se usually most comfortable, but start to reconsider if getting above 15 knots, or if more than 1.5-2m swell. anything NW I think twice about unless its really weak, seems to bring some unpredictable conditions. again anything under 12 knots if a low swell is usually ok.
on the times I have headed further out, I look more at the wind strength and also swell, as even with a nice easterly u seem to get a lot of fetch.
still a newbie, but this is just my experience so far! as far as which conditions are favourable for the bite... think the general rule is best time seems to be when im not out there!

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 In Rockingham area and have

Sat, 2018-02-03 13:28

 In Rockingham area and have a boat about the same size and would do 10 mile runs if wind is below 10 knts and swell below a meter, like to head out on a SW direction to come back on the SW if starting to blow.


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id rather punch into the wind

Sun, 2018-02-04 06:11

id rather punch into the wind than go with the following sea . I have a 5.95 trail craft and find it gets sucked back and thrown around a bit with the following sea .


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I don't like following seas

Sun, 2018-02-04 16:48

Agree with you, I'd much rather go into a sea than have a following sea, you (or at least I) are on the throttle all the time to keep the boat in a favourable position on the swell and if you are not attentive you could find yourself in a "hairy" situation very quickly and I have a boat that is well balanced and runs true.

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I have a 6.7m

Sun, 2018-02-04 18:17

Boat and if im heading wide and normally mornings have light winds which  turn to a strong sw in arvo so iwill go north when heading out fish for a few hours then head back in that way when the arvo strong southwesterlys come in i will be hitting them head / side on avoiding following seas hope this makes sense has been a long day 


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