Winter fishing in Albany

Well, it's been a little while since I visited and I apologize for not keeping in touch.

Been trying to do a little more jigging around the 50 fathom dropoffs near home and with some success - a 17 kg GT (small by this group's standards) answered my calls and was promptly devoured by my and my wife's family.

On a different note, it looks as though I'll be visiting Albany near the end of February next year.  I'll be there for about a week and will be involved with the Playmakers festival, giving talks about ukulele making.

I'm sure to make time to visit some fishing supply stores and try to do a little fishing on the side.  Is this time of year good for jigging?  Can anyone recommend a party boat for doing a little jigging?

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Tue, 2008-07-29 13:59

With a forum topic like that, I guess I'd better chuck in a reponse as I live in Mount Barker, but fish out of Albany. Laughing

Based on last season's activities and successes, you should do well for pinkies and, if you are lucky, a dhui or two using jigs in February. Print reports and info from many of the local (Albany) guys I know would suggest that pink snapper catches have all but closed down now that the winter - but there's been some blue gropper jigged and the ever present southern queenies (queen snapper or blue morwong). Also some good sized nannys to be had.

As far as charters go, there's no dedicated jig charter as such operating out of Albany, but you are welcome to take your jig gear onboard and, as I've said, many have done well.

The two main charters that operate from Albany are Blue Water and Spinners, with my perception that the latter tends to be more popular and perhaps produce more and consistently.

I can't tell you where they fish, or what depth - although I think it's round the 80-120m mark.

Down here, the shelf is much closer, so the distance to travel is far less. But, the trade off is that, even in summer, you need to pick your days as the Southern Ocean can deliver some mean water - especially if the swell is coming from an easterly direction.

I'll PM you some more stuff Kawika, otherwise, if I can assist further, fire away some questions or drop me a PM Wink


As a side note on your ukulele making, my late father in law made a bango when he was a Japanese POW.



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