Wtb 13' assasin oh or 13' loomis franklin oh rod

 Hi guys.

Looking to buy one of the above mentioned rods locally. Does anyone maybe have a used one thats in good condition?






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Tue, 2012-08-21 08:06

Werner a few of those Getaway/rangers were stocking them but at a steep price.  as they have been bought out/taken over they may or may not still have them.  The one in ozzy park definately had them as did Jonndalup.

Maybe one of the only ways to get hold of one is go direct to south Africa via Basil Manning or the likes

which models are you particularly interested in? and what do you aim to do with this rod?  I have an Assasin and to be honmest don't really rate it.  In the heavy beach division would much rather use other rods I have the Ballistic (can do OH with low or high mount and spin) and Poseidon as they are much better casting rods and load up better on big fish.  I really only use my assasin for ballooning in big swells and shark fishing if I really want to lock up but I think it puts more hurt on the angler than the fish lol and those other rods can easily do the job

I once had a look at a guys loomis and franklin Sharkey and that looked a bit more forgiving than the assasin