Yamaha 4 Stroke Engine Gauges

Hi all,

Bit of background.  

I recently upgraded my twin 2010 Yamaha 150hp 4 stroke engines to 2020 models.

With the old engines I had 4 rectangular guages that gave me everthing I needed.....fuel, trim, voltage, engine hours, trip hours, fuel burn rate, NM/litre, total fuel used, speed, engine temperature.  All there staring at me.

With the new engines, I opted for the Command Link 6YC LCD screen.....it seemed like it was the better option.

Frankly, I am underwhelmed.  Whilst the screen is able to show everything I need, only a small subset is viewable at any one time.  For example, to see trip hours or total fuel used, I need to navigate to the menu section.  Its many button presses.  Normally I want to just see it, then go back.  Similarly, there is 3 other "panels" that show various bits of info, but you need to navigate between them.

My question is this.  Is anyone else like me and would rather see everything at a glance?  Have you coupled other guages with the 6YC LCD?

I have lots of room on my dash, so putting other guages there is no issue.  

Interested in others views.



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What plotter/MFD are you

Wed, 2021-01-20 18:07

What plotter/MFD are you running?

Ive got twin 150 yammys too and have them hooked up to my two 10" garmins via NMEA 2K network. Can customise screens and overlay any engine info you want, to any location and any size on either screens. Corners, top bar, bottom bar etc. I dont even look at my digital gauges anymore.

On a side note, how do your 2020 150s compare to the older ones?


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Thu, 2021-01-21 10:59

I am running a Furuno FCV-295 for my sounder and a Lowrance HDS-12 for my GPS/map plotter.

I am pretty sure I had to set up the NMEA 2K network to install the GPS, so that might be an option for me too....I'll investigate, but if you can give me a pointer that would be great :-)

On the new engines, to be honest the jury is still out.  I only traded them as they had done nearly 1,000 hours and I thought getting new ones would see me through my large boat life.  I tracked fuel consumption from the very beginning and averaged 1.82 litres/NM for both engines.  Best 1.62 on a calm day taking it easy and 2.02 on a trip loaded up going over to Shelter Bay.  I was very happy with that.  I did spend $2.5k on Stainless props...can't remember what type.

So far I have only done 37 hours, but my average is 2.09 litres/NM.  I have the Reliance Series SDS props...same pitch 17".

When I queried the poor economy with the dealer, they claimed I had non authorised props on the old motors and that they weren't good for them.  I don't know enough to challenge this....all I know is the fuel economy is worse.

Other than that the motors seem fine.


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Sorry mate, Ibmissed this

Fri, 2021-01-29 16:30

Sorry mate, Ibmissed this one....

I bought this cable which connected the Yamaha Command Link network to my existing NMEA 2K network and let them talk. 

Im not sure if your new Yamaha gauge uses the old Command Link network so might be best to confirm with your dealer, might need a different cable.

Def worth the effort of getting your engine data displayed on the HDS though, works great!



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