Your favourite fishing location - moments?

Just thought I'd start up some discussion on your favourite fishing location. Some where you like to spend your quality fishing time when you have the opportunity, taking in the serenity or having a drink with friends, or catching that big one.

My favourite would probably have to be the Frankland River at Nornalup, slowly cruising the snags having a flick every now and again drinking schnaps out of the bottle cap trying to keep warm with a boat full of good company.

Whats your favourite fishing location/moments?


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Thu, 2006-07-20 19:29

Mine would have to be fishing the cliffs south of Kalbarri.Its just the sort of place where anythings possible.Close to perth but far enough away to feel isolated.Ive accually fallen of the cliffs there into big swells and nearly died but still love fishing those cliffs.something about them.

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Mine would have to be

Fri, 2006-07-21 11:45

Mine would have to be cruising a northern river/creek in the middle of summer casting lures or lobbing big livies into the snags for that big barra. Love to keep cool drinking beer and squirting down with the deck wash ;)