come on show us the weekend photos

I went out this morning easterly was howling trolled for a bit and belive it or not a seargent baker on a halco deep 7+ WAS NOT WAT I EXPECTED HOWED THE REST OF YOU GO DID ANY OF YOU SEE THE BOAT AT MINDARIE? SOME ONE FORGOT THE BUNGS.

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No photos or fishing

Mon, 2006-07-24 10:15

Didn't manage to get fishing, wind and swell was enough to put me off. By the sound of streetfighters report in the other weekend fishing thread I think it was a good thing.

A sgt baker on a 7mtr is truly an interesting catch, can't say I've heard of that before. On W.Angler forums a guy said he saw a huge school of yellowfin tuna not far off Cottesloe Groyne on Saturday while he was kayaking. Sounds like theres still a few pelagics hanging about.


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