92 lt esky and my pb cod

PB cod

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Sun, 2006-06-11 15:17

Don't put that cod in the esky with the beer - he's already helped hisself to one can - looks like he has a drinkin problem,and might clean you out!!!! Plus he already has a tatse for the good stuff!



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Sun, 2006-06-11 15:24

he didnt go in the esky he went back to his home.if i ever do put cod in the esky they are alway induvidualy wrapped .as the slim on them is somthing else.it gets on every thing.
also i never bake them whole as the slim and oil on the comes oossing out recking the feed.nothing wrong with a skinless fillet though .hmmmmmm cod fillets they do take some beating.nice and thick and very tastie indeed.
cheers mitch

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Speakin about the esky!

Sun, 2006-06-11 15:39

While we are on about esky's!

Big bright eskys will definitely make you a target of Fisheries Inspectors!

I once took a huge orange one to the Abrolhos with a fortnights cans of drinks and ice etc in it! Took two of us to lift it! We sent it over on the carrier boat (coz we flew over!).

When the two weeks was up, we packed all our camping gear into the now empty esky!

We put half our allowed 20 kilo limit of filets (i.e 10 kilo) into a separate small blue esky, and put both onto the carrier boat for the trip back to the mainland!

Somone saw us loading the big esky onto the boat and assumed (wrongly) that we were frezzer fillers who had more than our limit and dobbed us to Fisheries!

We were met at the wharf by an overzealous pair of Fisheries officers who had driven to Gero from Dongara at like 11 pm on a Thursday night to meet the carrier boat when it docked to seize our fish!

They litterally (no joke!) ran and dived onto that big orange esky, with loud verbal expressions such as - "now we have you and your done etc etc" in front of the whole crowd of people unloading the boat of crays etc, making us feel like criminals convicted without a trial in the court of public opinion!!

So - they busted open the esky to find only canmping gear - no ice and no fish!

Then coz they were pizzed off at being made to look the fools they obviously were, went thru our whole 10 kilo of fillets in the small esky trying to save face in front of the crowd!

They put every one out onto the still stinking hot bitumen of the wharf after a 40 degree day in Gero, defrosting each and every one!

Despite the fact the fish were CLEARLY labelled with species, size, (measurement) date, caught and angler etc they couldn't identfy even common fish like Blue Bone Grouper (Baldchin) with the scales and skin still on and had to ask us what each slab was!!!

Then to save even more face they insisted that ONE fillet was 1 cm under length (29 cm instead of the 30cm) so that they could book us and look like hero's in front of the still gathered (now laughing) crowd.

It never occurred to them that:-

1. Theres two fillets on each fish so how culd one half be undersize if the other half isn't unless the fish's name was quasimodo!

2. There is no minimum fillet length applicable if you've stayed on an offshore island over 24 hours (oops they forgot that rule!)

So - they confiscated my legal fillet and wrote me a citation for an offense to go to court!

When I wrote to their boss, pointing out their errors and behaviour bringin their department into public disrepute - they ended up had to write me a 2 page letter of alpology, which I've kept for posterity sake!

All this because we took a huge bright esky with us!

My advice - a huge bright esky will make you into a convicted bad guy in the eyes of the fishing community, and Fisheries Inspectors alike - so better to not have one and get by with a few old drab small eskys that no one pays any attention too.

Doing otherwise is just asking for unwanted attention from the idiots out there and having to defend yourself publicly when you haven't done a single thing wrong!

There are a lot of small minded jealouse people in this world, who will go out of their way, to bring you down a peg, if you look like your better off than the rest of them in terms of boats fishing gear etc etc!.

Best not to be noticed! ;o)


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to true

Sun, 2006-06-11 15:56

had the same thing happen last year at onslow .arfter a weeks camping ,the old bull and the young bull fisheries .the young fella went berserk unpacking my 2 big eskies of all our camping gear while the wise old boy just stood there shaking his head .i ended up telling the young jerk if he wonted to find the fillets to look in the engel that was still running up the front of my cuddy cab.every thing was labeled on the bag .which wasnt good enough apparently .he said we had to have the names of whos fish and what fish was in the engel on a PLARK on the outside of the engel he was telling me this while me and the old boy were having a chuckle watching him repack the 2 big eskies and the engel .managed to get 3or4 fish sizing stickers and 2 crab mesures out of the old guy while super boy repacked me boat

always in it just the depth that varies