Albondigas de sepia

Albondigas de sepia

It was very tasty, although don't cook it in a cast iron pan, the acid in the white wine made the sauce go a little dark, so the broad beans look a little weird.

Its a good way to go with those big tubes that are a little tough for stuffing.

Oh and here is a thermomix version for thermomix whores.


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You speak spanish???? 

Fri, 2011-07-22 10:29

You speak spanish????  Albondigas = rissoles.  What do you call those dal? Albondigas

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Hey Gus,I don't speak

Fri, 2011-07-22 10:40

Hey Gus,

I don't speak spanish, but it seems there are a few synonyms: croqueta on one side, meatballs on the other. Meatballs would be pretty appropriate in this case, they're a mix of rough-chopped squid, vitamized squid, egg white, cream and herbs.

How is your spanish?

Just cooking more recipes out of Movida Rustica before I have to return it to the owner.

PS: the icecream joke from the same film haunts this house too =)