Big brothers flatty

Big brothers flatty

My brother Duncan with his first ever flatty caught out the back of Carnac quick picture then back she went



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nice flattie mate, very

Sat, 2012-10-20 16:57

nice flattie mate, very tasty.

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Sun, 2012-10-21 21:46

what a beauty.  I might have been tempted to keep that one.

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Mon, 2012-10-22 06:51

Yep agreed, that beauty would have been on ice if I'd caught it. One of the tastiest fish there is, the ole humble flattie.


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Better than dhuie i reckon.

Tue, 2012-10-23 21:04

Better than dhuie i reckon. Thanks for releasing, I might catch it.

When I get one off the beach I know im in for a good dinner. Dunno how they compare (taste wise) with swan flatties tho.

Good catch