How would you be?


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Thats not a big deal, only

Tue, 2009-07-21 13:25

Thats not a big deal, only the basement is flooded!


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Make a good FAD

Tue, 2009-07-21 13:33

For the local anglers.


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I think they mite be on the

Tue, 2009-07-21 13:41

I think they might be on the seen of the new JAWS movie.


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wet feet

Tue, 2009-07-21 14:27

insurance I hope

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atleast you could climb the

Tue, 2009-07-21 14:29

atleast you could climb the tuna tower a long way before you did get wet feet, you would hope insurance, you wouldnt have a big boat like that uninsured , well u would hope

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what the

Tue, 2009-07-21 15:38

Thats the problem when you run a powerfull sounder on botton lock in shallow water

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insurance company wouldnt

Tue, 2009-07-21 18:44

insurance company wouldnt have been happy with that one


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